Package org.talend.sdk.component.api.service.http

package org.talend.sdk.component.api.service.http
  • Class
    Make the 'string' parameter as base of the endpoint.
    Defines which implementation payloads (input/output) are serialized with.
    Callback to configure the connection more deeply.
    Represents the potential ConfigurerOption parameters of the invocation.
    Represents actions doable on a connection.
    Marks a parameter as a configurer option.
    Define the content type supported by Encoder and Decoder implementation
    Allows to read in a custom manner a response payload.
    Allows to convert an object to a byte array to be sent accross the network.
    Marks a parameter as a header value.
    Mark parameter as the http request headers
    You can cast an injected client with this type to initialize the base.
    The service you can use to create http clients.
    HttpException that wrap an http Response with a status code and an error payload
    Mark parameter as the http method.
    Marks a parameter as a path template.
    Marks a parameter as a query parameter.
    How to serialize the query parameter when there are more then one value.
    Mark the parameter as the http request query parameters
    Marks the method as a request method.
    Represents a Http response and can be used as returned type of a Request method.
    Mark parameter as the URL of the http request If this annotation is used it override the @Request.path() and the HttpClient.base(String)
    Request to use a custom configurer for the connection.