Server configuration

the configuration is read from system properties, environment variables, …​.

A comma separated list of gav to locate the components


Default value: true. Should the component extensions add required dependencies.


A property file where the value is a gav of a component to register (complementary with coordinates)

Default value: true. Should the /documentation endpoint be activated.


Default value: 180. How long the read execution endpoint can last (max)


Default value: PT10S. How long the application waits during shutdown for the execution tasks to complete


Default value: false. If set it will replace any message for exceptions. Set to false to use the actual exception message.


The local maven repository used to locate components and their dependencies

Default value: component-server. The name used by the brave integration (zipkin)

Default value: securityNoopHandler. How to validate a command/request. Accepted values: securityNoopHandler.

Default value: securityNoopHandler. How to validate a connection. Accepted values: securityNoopHandler.

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