Version 1.1.26


  • TCOMP-1722: REST - Last / in endpoint is removed

  • TCOMP-1757: Studio - context not set when call a @suggestable service

  • TCOMP-1772: Code widget doesn’t allow multiline text

Work Item

Version 1.1.25


  • TCOMP-1770: Performance loss on Ouput components in Studio

Version 1.1.24


  • TCOMP-1750: Deadlock at TPD job startup using the Component SDK and using the Workday component

  • TCOMP-1759: Guess schema mixes columns returned by tck service

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1752: Make component-runtime class loader find classes in RemoteEngine JobServer

  • TCOMP-1764: Upgrade to Apache Beam 2.23.0

Version 1.1.23


  • TCOMP-1719: Header responses for icon not propagated correctly from Component-server-vault-proxy

  • TCOMP-1733: NPE in Studio metadata connection with activeif on different layouts

  • TCOMP-1734: Studio froze when installing a patch with

  • TCOMP-1736: JobImpl retrieves more than streaming.maxRecords parameter

  • TCOMP-1739: Use scala version defined on parent for Spark related components

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1695: Support List type in Studio

  • TCOMP-1737: Allow to force installation of an already existing component with the car bundle

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1728: Enforce use of the defined error contract in connectors

  • TCOMP-1731: Make connectors docker image TSBI compliant

  • TCOMP-1738: Upgrade to Apache Beam 2.22.0

  • TCOMP-1742: Upgrade johnzon to 1.2.7

Version 1.1.22


  • TCOMP-1727: WebSocketContainer not present in ServletContext

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1696: Definition of an error contract to handle expected errors

Work Item

Version 1.1.21


  • TCOMP-1719: Header responses for icon not propagated correctly from Component-server-vault-proxy

Version 1.1.20


  • TCOMP-1649: Tomcat bump to 9.0.31 broke talend-component:web goal

  • TCOMP-1676: Starter-toolkit mvn package throws error when running for the first time

  • TCOMP-1677: Using other types than String in Studio’s context values causes compilation error

  • TCOMP-1679: Combination of @Required and @Suggestable on a field creates strange behaviour

  • TCOMP-1682: Remove key attribute in UISchema for containers

  • TCOMP-1686: antora helper function relativize corrupts documentation

  • TCOMP-1694: [MAVEN PLUGIN] validateSvg argument is ineffective

  • TCOMP-1698: UiSpecService injects a wrong property for suggestions and dynamic_values

  • TCOMP-1718: Duplicated code in RecordConverters

New Feature

Work Item

Version 1.1.19


  • TCOMP-1639: component-server incorrect response set in request

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1640: Ensure Intellij plugin works with Intellij Idea IU-201

  • TCOMP-1641: Upgrade OpenWebBeans to 2.0.15

  • TCOMP-1642: Upgrade Groovy to 3.0.1

  • TCOMP-1643: Add automatic scheduling eviction system on LocalCache

  • TCOMP-1644: Upgrade log4j to 2.13.0

  • TCOMP-1645: Ensure correct wording is used in @Documentation

  • TCOMP-1647: Upgrade netty to 4.1.45.Final

  • TCOMP-1648: Unsafe Dependancy Resolution on jcommander

Version 1.1.18


  • TCOMP-1638: Inject services to delegate in proxy

Version 1.1.17


  • TCOMP-1619: Handle correctly DATETIME field type on AvroRecord

  • TCOMP-1622: [DOC] @Icon is not supported on datastore/dataset

  • TCOMP-1623: Change scheme for maven repos

  • TCOMP-1628: Manage BigDecimal in RecordConverter

  • TCOMP-1629: Ensure LocalConfiguration environment source replace dot with _

  • TCOMP-1630: Avoid NPE when configurationByExample() is called in a list of primitive without values

  • TCOMP-1631: int attribute in pojo is transformed to double in a Record

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1632: Add a way to evict cached data from LocalCache

Work Item

Version 1.1.16


  • TCOMP-1596: Windows URI are broken

  • TCOMP-1597: Httpclient does not support multi query parameters

  • TCOMP-1598: validator task uses ENGLISH locale to validate instead of root one

  • TCOMP-1612: Starter toolkit shouldn’t use the default 'STAR' icon in demo component

Work Item


Work Item

  • TCOMP-1752: Make component-runtime class loader find classes in RemoteEngine JobServer


New Feature

Work Item

Version 1.1.15


  • TCOMP-1560: Min and Max error message during configuration validation are reversed

  • TCOMP-1563: Web Tester does not work anymore (maven/gradle goal/task)

  • TCOMP-1573: Body encoder is called twice for each query

  • TCOMP-1582: Deploy to Nexus 3.15 caused "Provided url doesn’t respond neither to Nexus 2 nor to Nexus 3 endpoints"

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1576: Add the possibility to desactivate http client redirection in HTTP Configurer

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1559: Support configuration of the maxBatchSize enablement

  • TCOMP-1561: Custom action type shouldn’t need to be enforced to define a family method

  • TCOMP-1562: Support JsonObject type in actions

  • TCOMP-1564: Move to java.nio.Path instead of in component-runtime-manager stack where possible

  • TCOMP-1565: Upgade to Junit Jupiter 5.6.0-M1

  • TCOMP-1566: Don’t compute jvmMarkers per component module but once for all

  • TCOMP-1567: Cache Artifact path in case of reuse

  • TCOMP-1568: Lazily create the container services

  • TCOMP-1569: Upgrade starter to gradle 6.0-rc1

  • TCOMP-1570: Ensure starter adds _placeholder entries in

  • TCOMP-1571: Support [length] syntax to change array configuration

  • TCOMP-1572: Validate that @Option is not used on final fields

  • TCOMP-1574: Upgrade to CXF 3.3.4

  • TCOMP-1575: Upgrade to Spark 2.4.4

  • TCOMP-1577: Upgrade to xbean 4.15

  • TCOMP-1578: Upgrade asciidoctor-pdf to v1.5.0-beta.7

  • TCOMP-1581: Support JUnit5 meta annotations for our extensions

Version 1.1.14


  • TCOMP-1558: org.talend.sdk.component.api.service.record.RecordService must be serializable

New Feature

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1550: Component configuration instantiation can be slow for complex configurations

  • TCOMP-1551: ObjectFactory should default to fieldproperties when field injection is activated

  • TCOMP-1553: Simplify and widden excluded classes for with transformer support

  • TCOMP-1555: Upgrade to Tomcat 9.0.27

  • TCOMP-1556: Studio short, byte, BigDecimal and char types are wrong handled

  • TCOMP-1557: Upgrade to Beam 2.16.0

Version 1.1.13


  • TCOMP-1509: Intellij plugin does not declare java module preventing the plugin to run under last versions

  • TCOMP-1526: Upgrade talend UI bundle (js) to 4.6.0

  • TCOMP-1533: JSON-B API does not enable to combine multiple adapters or (de)serializers in JsonbConfig

  • TCOMP-1536: @DefaultValue ignored in documentation generation

  • TCOMP-1541: Studio integration enforces JSON<→Record conversion instead of relying on rowStruct making number precision lost

  • TCOMP-1542: Validator plugin uses family instead of pluginId (artifactId) to validate local-configuration

New Feature

Work Item

Version 1.1.12


  • TCOMP-1478: /documentation/component/{id} internationalization does not work when embedded

  • TCOMP-1479: When generating the documentation, it can happen the lang is wrong due to ResourceBundle usage

  • TCOMP-1480: Servers docker images don’t have curl or wget available

  • TCOMP-1497: POJO to Record mapping is not supported in processors

  • TCOMP-1498: SVG2Mojo wrongly log the source file as being created

  • TCOMP-1499: component-form does not support array of object of object if 2 levels use the same field name

  • TCOMP-1500: Ensure component-form button have a key to have an id and propagate errors in the front

  • TCOMP-1503: EnvironmentSecuredFilter not working on /environment/

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1482: Enable web tester to switch the language

  • TCOMP-1483: Enable to expose the documentation through the web tester

  • TCOMP-1485: Asciidoctor documentation does not enable titles (component name and configuration ones) to be translated

  • TCOMP-1486: Ensure locale mapping is configurable in component-server

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1484: Junit 5.5.0 upgrade

  • TCOMP-1487: AsciidocMojo should only use ROOT locale by default

  • TCOMP-1488: Enable to translate gridlayout names

  • TCOMP-1489: Upgrade Tomcat to v9.0.22

  • TCOMP-1491: Upgrade JIB to v1.4.0

  • TCOMP-1492: Upgrade jackson-databind to

  • TCOMP-1493: Rewrite component exception to ensure they can be loaded after a serialization

  • TCOMP-1494: Upgrade to junit jupiter 5.5.1

  • TCOMP-1495: Upgrade to Geronimo OpenAPI 1.0.10

  • TCOMP-1496: [testing tool] MainInputFactory does not support Record

  • TCOMP-1501: Remove generate mojo

  • TCOMP-1502: [maven plugin] upgrade jib-core to 0.10.0

Version 1.1.11


  • TCOMP-1469: Studio maven repository not found OOTB

  • TCOMP-1472: Connectors maven goal does not work in 1.1.10

  • TCOMP-1473: Docker image text log setup should use ISO8601 and not HH:mm:ss.SSS

Work Item

Version 1.1.10


  • TCOMP-1425: Spark classes not excluded anymore in component-runtime-beam leading to classloading issues

  • TCOMP-1427: dependencies.txt mojo uses timestamped versions for snapshots instead of just -SNAPSHOT

  • TCOMP-1431: [maven] Asciidoctor files should be attached with adoc extension and not jar one

  • TCOMP-1433: [form-model] itemwidget ignored from uischema builder

  • TCOMP-1438: Index cache can lead to invalid index list of component

  • TCOMP-1440: Bulk components without @ElementListener when used with component-extension (default in the server)

  • TCOMP-1441: Missing parameter init in the UiSchema Trigger builder

  • TCOMP-1446: Rework gradle lifecycle

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1419: Upgrade build to groovy 2.5.7

  • TCOMP-1420: Upgrade maven compiler to 3.1.2

  • TCOMP-1422: Filter allowed beam classes in component-server image

  • TCOMP-1423: Enable to customize studio maven repository for deploy-studio maven and gradle goal/task

  • TCOMP-1426: Ensure Spark rule and @WithSpark uses a default version consistent with the runtime

  • TCOMP-1430: Deprecate built-in icons in favor of vendor specific icons

  • TCOMP-1432: basic dita generation for the component documentation

  • TCOMP-1434: [form-model] Add withCondition to UISchema builder

  • TCOMP-1435: Dont use beam_sdks_java_core shaded libraries

  • TCOMP-1437: Add infinite metadata to ComponentDetail

  • TCOMP-1444: Remove KnownJarsFilter since it is no more used to discover components

  • TCOMP-1445: Icon must support SVG

  • TCOMP-1448: [starter] provide a basic OpenAPI integration

  • TCOMP-1449: Upgrade XBean to v4.14

  • TCOMP-1450: Add a read-only bulk endpoint in component-server

  • TCOMP-1451: [upgrade] Johnzon 1.1.12

  • TCOMP-1452: [upgrade] Meecrowave 1.2.8

  • TCOMP-1453: Upgrade to CXF 3.3.2

  • TCOMP-1455: Prepare DateTime support in configurations

  • TCOMP-1457: Upgrade to Apache Beam 2.13.0

  • TCOMP-1458: Ensure _placeholder presence is encouraged and validated

  • TCOMP-1459: Experimental way to patch a component dependency

  • TCOMP-1461: Extension API for the validator plugin

  • TCOMP-1462: Validate through the corresponding build task provided SVG

  • TCOMP-1464: Upgrade to OpenWebBeans 2.0.11

  • TCOMP-1465: Upgrade to JUnit 5.5.0-RC1

  • TCOMP-1466: Upgrade to ziplock 8.0.0-M2

  • TCOMP-1467: Upgrade mock server (testing tool) to netty 5.0.0.Alpha2

  • TCOMP-1468: Support docker-compose >= 1.23 in vault-proxy

Version 1.1.9


  • TCOMP-1374: ensure Utf8 avro strings don’t leak in AvroRecord API, even using get(Object.class, …​)

  • TCOMP-1375: When two sources use the same dataset and one source has additional required parameter the validation fails

  • TCOMP-1384: Enhance studio guess schema algorithm to find implicitly the action to call if needed

  • TCOMP-1388: Can’t change the dataset name in starter

  • TCOMP-1389: Intellij starter fails to generate a project

  • TCOMP-1398: Using after option of @updateable can lead to a null pointer exception in component-form

  • TCOMP-1401: Documentation table is broken

  • TCOMP-1407: Databricks: interface is not visible from class loader

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1386: Add withRecord(String,Record) in Record.Builder

  • TCOMP-1387: Use icon bundle version 3.1.0

  • TCOMP-1412: Add rest and couchbase icon to component api

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1376: Upgrade jupiter to 5.4.2

  • TCOMP-1385: talend.component.server.component.registry must be a list

  • TCOMP-1390: Move component-api to component-runtime repository

  • TCOMP-1392: Tomcat 9.0.19 upgrade

  • TCOMP-1402: Provide a placeholder for classpath extensions in docker images

  • TCOMP-1403: Upgrade asciidoctor to 2.0.0 and asciidoctor-pdf to alpha17

  • TCOMP-1404: Upgrade to Apache Beam 2.12.0

  • TCOMP-1408: Starter does not support types starting with a lowercase

  • TCOMP-1411: ComponentManager relies on beam jar name. This is unlikely and should move to beam integration module.

  • TCOMP-1417: Upgrade to Geronimo OpenAPI 1.0.8

Version 1.1.8


  • TCOMP-1326: Avro Schema is not serializable as JSON so guess schema action does not work when compoennt-runtime-beam is present

  • TCOMP-1330: Shade extensions don’t inherit from pluginrepositories

  • TCOMP-1340: Tools webapp (talend-component:web) does not support changing the locale anymore

  • TCOMP-1343: Use LogicalTypes.timestampMillis() on DATETIME for avro record builder

  • TCOMP-1360: Renaming an option (@Option("custom")) does not work on fields of type object

  • TCOMP-1370: ImageM2Mojo does not set timestamp in the docker image leading to component-server having a wrong lastUpdated value

  • TCOMP-1372: Nested components don’t expose their doc deterministicly until it is overriden

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1341: Register deploy in studio task OOTB in gradle extension

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1325: Upgrade CXF to 3.3.1

  • TCOMP-1327: /environment iterates over deployed plugin for each call, this is not needed

  • TCOMP-1328: Upgrade to Beam 2.11.0

  • TCOMP-1329: Lazy initialize parameter model to have a quicker cold start in plain main(String[])

  • TCOMP-1331: Use java 8u191 as base docker image

  • TCOMP-1332: Provide a simple way to filter configurations and component on /index endpoints

  • TCOMP-1334: Add a mojo to generate the list of components/services classes

  • TCOMP-1335: Add in doc mojo table the type of configuration the parameter belongs to

  • TCOMP-1336: Allow output processors to only have an @AfterGroup taking the list of record of the group in parameter

  • TCOMP-1346: Upgrade to Tomcat 9.0.17

  • TCOMP-1347: Upgrade to Slf4j 1.7.26

  • TCOMP-1348: [form-core] Ensure suggestions trigger is bound to "change" event too

  • TCOMP-1349: [form-core] When a tab is empty, don’t show it

  • TCOMP-1350: talend.component.server.component.registry should support glob pattern

  • TCOMP-1351: Upgrade jsoup for Spark Cluster Testing module

  • TCOMP-1353: component-server must not use TALEND-INF/dependencies.txt but another path

  • TCOMP-1354: Enforce services to belong to the delcaring service class

  • TCOMP-1361: Upgrade to asciidoctorj 2.0.0-RC.1

  • TCOMP-1362: Beam Wrapped Components should throw shared exception types

  • TCOMP-1366: Upgrade to XBean 4.13 to not track all classes scanned

  • TCOMP-1371: Upgrade to Apache Geronimo OpenAPI 1.0.7

Version 1.1.7


  • TCOMP-1307: support char and character types in configuration.

  • TCOMP-1312: Component-form-core shouldn’t trigger validation of object due to conditional visibility (only individual fields are validable)

  • TCOMP-1314: category field of the starter is broken

  • TCOMP-1316: [build] Ensure snapshot use timestamped versions in dependencies.txt

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1306: Add RecordPointerFactory to enable to extract data from Record using json pointer spec

  • TCOMP-1315: Ensure @Internationalized can use shortnames too in

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1303: Support docker configs/secrets in docker images

  • TCOMP-1304: Vault proxy should support token configuration

  • TCOMP-1305: Upgrade to beam 2.10.0

  • TCOMP-1308: Upgrade to Talend UI 2.6.0

  • TCOMP-1309: Upgrade to Component API 1.1.5

  • TCOMP-1310: Ensure there is a basic secured mecanism to store configuration data

  • TCOMP-1317: Use Apache Geronimo Microprofile Config extensions (docker and secured string)

  • TCOMP-1318: Upgrade to Apache Meecrowave 1.2.7

  • TCOMP-1319: Upgrade Apache Geronimo Metrics to 1.0.3

  • TCOMP-1320: Upgrade to Apache Geronimo OpenAPI 1.0.6

  • TCOMP-1321: Upgrade to Apache Geronimo OpenTracing 1.0.2

  • TCOMP-1322: Upgrade to Apache Geronimo Config 1.2.2

Version 1.1.6


  • TCOMP-1263: When using @Updateable(after=xxx) the visibility condition (@ActiveIf) of the after field shouldn’t be inherited

  • TCOMP-1264: AvroSchema does not unwrap null(able types) to map to Schema model

  • TCOMP-1265: dataset / datastore cloud validation : allow nested configuration types

  • TCOMP-1267: /documentation does not filter properly component

  • TCOMP-1281: Add jackson-mapper-asl in docker image of the server

  • TCOMP-1298: Support restricted lists for @Proposable

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1297: make max batch size property configurable for family and components through LocalConfiguration

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1266: Enhance starter to support dataset and datastore

  • TCOMP-1268: Ensure /environment is not callable if not local or secured

  • TCOMP-1269: Ensure ErrorReportValve does not leak Tomcat version OOTB

  • TCOMP-1271: Upgrade to talend UI 2.3.0

  • TCOMP-1272: Move multiSelectTag to multiSelect for web environment

  • TCOMP-1273: [build/dev plugin] Automatically open the browser for talend-component:web task/goal

  • TCOMP-1276: Exclude xerces from component loadable resources for XMLReaderFactory

  • TCOMP-1282: Upgrade meecrowave to 1.2.6

  • TCOMP-1283: Upgrade cxf to 3.3.0

  • TCOMP-1284: Upgrade to johnzon 1.1.11

  • TCOMP-1292: Provide a vault friendly integration for the server

  • TCOMP-1293: Upgrade to Tomcat 9.0.16

  • TCOMP-1295: Ensure of a container are merged

  • TCOMP-1296: Ensure user can enrich families with custom jar+configuration

Version 1.1.5


  • TCOMP-1245: Provided services (SPI) by tacokit not available

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1246: Rework docker image setup to use jib

  • TCOMP-1247: Upgrade geronimo metrics to 1.0.2

  • TCOMP-1248: Upgrade to geronimo opentracing 1.0.3

  • TCOMP-1249: Provide segment extractor for doc endpoint

  • TCOMP-1250: Make component documentation (@Documentation on component) i18n friendly

  • TCOMP-1251: cache avrocoders used in SchemaRegistryCoder

  • TCOMP-1252: Remove html support in documentation endpoint

  • TCOMP-1253: Refine OpenAPI documentation

  • TCOMP-1256: Add mapDescriptorToClassLoader to create a classloader from a list of gav

  • TCOMP-1258: Support to build a Record from a provided Schema

  • TCOMP-1259: Add getOptional to Record

Version 1.1.4


  • TCOMP-1223: byte[] not supported in AvroRecord (beam)

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1222: Ensure @WithComponents and @Environment are compatible

  • TCOMP-1234: Upgrade to beam 2.9.0

  • TCOMP-1235: Upgrade to antora 2

  • TCOMP-1237: Upgrade component-api to 1.1.2

  • TCOMP-1238: Upgrade metrics and opentracing microprofile libraries in docker image to use Geronimo extensions

  • TCOMP-1239: OpenWebBeans 2.0.9 upgrade

  • TCOMP-1240: Johnzon 1.1.11 upgrade

  • TCOMP-1242: Runtime validation error message wrongly interpolated

  • TCOMP-1243: Ensure component classloader isolates the system classloader resources except for the JVM ones

Version 1.1.3


  • TCOMP-1170: [regression] http testing module pom imports netty and jsonb stack

  • TCOMP-1181: tacokit can’t pass the long type field from ui rightly

  • TCOMP-1187: Job DSL does not support correctly parameters when they are URI/URL

  • TCOMP-1189: Ensure primitive are not nullable in Record model (builder)

  • TCOMP-1191: [beam] BeamIOTransformer does not support serialization of complex objects correctly

  • TCOMP-1192: Ensure Avro schema union is interpreted as nullable in Record Schema model

  • TCOMP-1194: [testing] Ensure BeamEnvironment adds component-runtime-beam

  • TCOMP-1196: Nested maven repository not used for component module

  • TCOMP-1197: Tacokit beam tests. NPE when creating the schema with RECORD type.

  • TCOMP-1198: Tacokit beam tests. SchemaParseException ⇒ drop unsupported characters

  • TCOMP-1200: Packages not defined from nested repository classes

  • TCOMP-1201: includeTransitiveDependencies option of nested-maven-repository does not work

  • TCOMP-1202: Refine avro classloading exclusion to accept hadoop and mapred packages

  • TCOMP-1205: Empty JSon object lead to NPE

  • TCOMP-1209: Ensure SerializableCoder is replaced with a contextual version to support Talend Component Kit classloading model

  • TCOMP-1210: BeamComponentExtension should let the exception go back to the caller when the transform fails

  • TCOMP-1215: Nested maven repository in jars don’t go through transformers

  • TCOMP-1218: Record entries order shouldn’t be sorted by the runtime

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1185: Support maxBatchSize in Job test runner for standalone mode

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1171: Remove component proxy server from the project

  • TCOMP-1182: Ensure the property editor for the configuration registers the default converters

  • TCOMP-1183: Upgrade JRuby to

  • TCOMP-1184: Avoid to do a group by key in BeamExecutor (job DSL) when not needed

  • TCOMP-1188: Tolerate null for dates in Records

  • TCOMP-1190: Enable secure processing for DocumentBuilderFactory instances

  • TCOMP-1193: Add injectable ContainerInfo with the containerId (plugin) in services

  • TCOMP-1195: Enable user to extend BeamEnvironment test tempalte more easily

  • TCOMP-1199: Nested repository not used when the classpath is not composed of a single jar

  • TCOMP-1204: [dependency upgrade] XBean 4.12

  • TCOMP-1207: [beam] add ContextualSerializableCoder

  • TCOMP-1213: Upgrade guava to v27 for testing modules

  • TCOMP-1216: Take into account the visibility for the parameter validation

  • TCOMP-1217: Add JVM system property for our custom object input stream

  • TCOMP-1219: Upgrade starter to gradle 5

  • TCOMP-1220: Upgrade Maven to 3.6.0 in starter

Version 1.1.2


  • TCOMP-1121: [tacokit proxy] suggestion trigger creation issue

  • TCOMP-1122: [tacokit proxy] slefRefrence filter configuration type by name, type and family

  • TCOMP-1123: Processor component onNext duplicate columns in record for rowStructs

  • TCOMP-1126: UiSpecService shouldn’t show the documentation by default

  • TCOMP-1129: form core - $selfReference breaks triggers

  • TCOMP-1130: component form - default value of maxBatchSize prop loose it type.

  • TCOMP-1131: [beam integration] Ensure Coder is contextual (classloader)

  • TCOMP-1132: Ensure beam custom Coders implement equals.hashCode for beam contract

  • TCOMP-1148: Asciidoctor documentation fails for collection of objects

  • TCOMP-1149: [testing] BeamEnvironment does not reset PipelineOptionsFactory properly for beam > 2.4

  • TCOMP-1155: [proxy server] arrays not supporting null values in ConfigurationFormatter

  • TCOMP-1159: AvroSchema does not support DATETTIME type (beam module)

  • TCOMP-1168: Avro record implementation ignores nullable/union

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1143: Ensure icons are validated and fail the build if a custom one is missing (validate mojo)

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1112: Let beam PTransform define an @ElementListener method to set the component design (inputs/outputs)

  • TCOMP-1113: Simplify the scanning by assuming there is a TALEND-INF/dependencies.txt in components

  • TCOMP-1120: BeamMapperImpl.isStream not accurate for UnboundedSource

  • TCOMP-1124: Add /metrics endpoint

  • TCOMP-1125: Extend CustomPropertyConverter to pass the convertion context

  • TCOMP-1127: Record doesn’t support null values

  • TCOMP-1133: CXF 3.2.7 upgrade

  • TCOMP-1134: Ensure any input/output have a dataset

  • TCOMP-1135: Ensure any dataset has a datastore

  • TCOMP-1136: deprecate "generate" mojo

  • TCOMP-1145: [dependency upgrade] Beam 2.8.0

  • TCOMP-1146: implement infinite=true in PartitionMapper/Input

  • TCOMP-1150: Upgrade rat plugin to 0.13

  • TCOMP-1154: Required validation at runtime ignores lists and nested objects

  • TCOMP-1157: [dependency upgrade] Tomcat 9.0.13

  • TCOMP-1158: Enable JUnit test collector to use a static storage instead of thread related one

  • TCOMP-1160: Upgrade spark to 2.4.0

  • TCOMP-1161: Upgrade shade plugin to 3.2.1

  • TCOMP-1162: Upgrade nested-maven-repository shade transformers to support last maven versions

  • TCOMP-1163: Upgrade openwebbeans to 2.0.8

  • TCOMP-1164: Validate mojo does not log any success information

  • TCOMP-1165: Dependency mojo does not log any success information

  • TCOMP-1166: Documentation mojo does not log generated files properly

  • TCOMP-1167: Beam-Avro record name generation should use avro fingerprint to be more unique than current logic

Version 1.1.1

Backlog Task

  • TCOMP-1086: Fix documentation about DiscoverSchema


  • TCOMP-1064: Update action can’t receive List<MyClass> parameter

  • TCOMP-1110: When a configuration has no layout and uses @AfterGroup the configuration is lost

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1111: Move to PropertyEditorRegistry from xbean instead of using the deprecated static class

Version 1.1.0


  • TCOMP-1000: @Option name value is not respected on fields

  • TCOMP-1008: Enum order is lost

  • TCOMP-1009: (web) OptionsOrder ignored for tables (List<MyClass>), fields located in random order

  • TCOMP-1028: [tools-webapp] submit button no more functional

  • TCOMP-1031: DiscoverSchema parameters are not correctly mapped in Studio GuessSchema runtime

  • TCOMP-1044: Fix java.lang.ClassCastException in TableActionParameter

  • TCOMP-1046: String option can’t set default value from a file

  • TCOMP-1056: ActiveIf doesn’t work in advanced settings

  • TCOMP-1072: Metadata migration issues

  • TCOMP-1074: talend-component mvn plugin : deploy-in-studio need to rise an error when component is already installed

  • TCOMP-1075: component reload file on windows after deploying a modified jar

  • TCOMP-1076: component starter - fix mapper generation (Record integration)

  • TCOMP-1077: component starter - ensure kit version are updated atomically.

  • TCOMP-1078: Guess Schema button is not shown on Basic Settings view

  • TCOMP-1082: Fix Exception during HealthCheck parameter deserialization

  • TCOMP-1085: [classloader] com.sun is too wide as exclusion

  • TCOMP-1104: Fix drag and drop issue for dataset/datastore metadata

  • TCOMP-779: Drop down list Java type in configuration class

  • TCOMP-819: Processor doesn’t produce more than 1 row on each iteration

  • TCOMP-917: Migration handler need only to receive component configuration

  • TCOMP-941: Default and init values are ignored in connection wizzard (datastore/dataset)

  • TCOMP-968: Trigger AsyncValidation call only when option annotated with Validable is changed

  • TCOMP-970: Add support for complex parameter types for AsyncValidation methods

  • TCOMP-973: component migration - the configuration version need to be serialized in addition to the version of the component

  • TCOMP-984: Integrate ParameterizedTest with component-runtime-http-junit capture mode

  • TCOMP-988: component migration - fix nested configuration migration

  • TCOMP-989: .car studio install command breaks config.ini of the studio

  • TCOMP-991: metadat : ignore activations from config not being part of the form while creating metadata

  • TCOMP-996: metadata : migration issues

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1001: [proxy] ConfigurationClient should expose a migrate method

  • TCOMP-1011: Ensure datastore/dataset i18n names are validated by the maven/gradle plugins

  • TCOMP-1013: Add an operator support in @ActiveIfs (OR/AND switch)

  • TCOMP-1014: Ensure a dataset has a source which has no other required parameters in the validator

  • TCOMP-1029: Extend ActiveIf EvaluationStrategy with CONTAINS strategy

  • TCOMP-1063: Integrate Record API to the studio

  • TCOMP-1069: restrict input branches for output components to only one.

  • TCOMP-1071: support actions i18n display name

  • TCOMP-1092: Ensure @Configuration POJO are injectable as Supplier in services

  • TCOMP-1094: Add FullSerializationRecordCoder coder for Record in beam module

  • TCOMP-1095: Ensure all configuration type models root entries are named "configuration"

  • TCOMP-993: [proxy] Propagate UiSpecContext in referenceservice#findByTypeAndName

  • TCOMP-994: [dependency upgrade] CXF 3.2.6

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1003: [dependency upgrade] Tomcat 9.0.12

  • TCOMP-1004: [dependency upgrade] Log4j2 2.11.1

  • TCOMP-1015: Upgrade icons to 1.0.0

  • TCOMP-1019: (form) enum should lead to restricted datalist

  • TCOMP-1037: [dependency upgrade] Johnzon 1.1.9

  • TCOMP-1038: Drop spring client from component-form-core

  • TCOMP-1041: HttpClient should enable to process InputStream directly

  • TCOMP-1042: Upgrade to JUnit 5.3.1

  • TCOMP-1045: Add documentation in metadata and enable to use it in the UI on configuration

  • TCOMP-1047: Make Suggestable text field editable (align with web)

  • TCOMP-1048: Add update API for configuration

  • TCOMP-1049: Add completion support for actions displayname in intellij plugin

  • TCOMP-1050: Provide simple OAuth1 integration

  • TCOMP-1051: Remove brave and move to geronimo-opentracing

  • TCOMP-1054: Introduce @Configuration API

  • TCOMP-1055: remove the ExecutionResource

  • TCOMP-1057: Add ActiveIf on @Proposable test-case

  • TCOMP-1058: Add DefaultValue on proposable/dynamicValue testcase

  • TCOMP-1059: Rework generic record format

  • TCOMP-1073: [maven/gradle plugin] Add configuration support in web goal

  • TCOMP-1079: Document new Record structure

  • TCOMP-1080: [dependency upgrade] Meecrowave 1.2.4

  • TCOMP-1081: ComponentManager should ignore engine classes in its filtering

  • TCOMP-1087: Jsonb service should serialize byte[] as BASE64

  • TCOMP-1089: [starter] Upgrade gradle to 4.10.2

  • TCOMP-1090: [form] Main/Advanced order not respected when some remote action are involved

  • TCOMP-1091: Ensure main component is preferred over test ones in a maven project

  • TCOMP-1093: [dependency upgrade] netty 4.1.30.Final for junit http testing module

  • TCOMP-1096: [dependency upgrade] xbean 4.10

  • TCOMP-1097: [dependency upgrade] Beam 2.7.0

  • TCOMP-1099: Upgrade web ui bundle to 1.0.2

  • TCOMP-1101: Add conditional rendering in the generated documentation

  • TCOMP-1102: Reflect in documentation that Validable/AsyncValidation doesn’t support Object types

  • TCOMP-1106: Enable to generate the component documentation in multiple languages

  • TCOMP-1107: ConfigurableClassLoader does not priviledges container classloader for getResourceAsStream

  • TCOMP-877: [documentation] Sample implementation of bulk/batch/commit-interval using groups

  • TCOMP-980: Provide a ValidationService in server-proxy

  • TCOMP-985: Align docker git metada on out Standard

  • TCOMP-998: [dependency upgrade] Apache Commons Compress 1.18

Version 1.0.4


  • TCOMP-911: Suggestions callback doesn’t support Configuration parameters

  • TCOMP-921: String cannot be cast to Boolean when adding table with checkboxes

  • TCOMP-922: component manager : support loading dependencies from job lib folder.

  • TCOMP-924: component-kit.js errors are not sent to the error handler

  • TCOMP-927: talend-component:web errors are not always unwrapped and understandable

  • TCOMP-934: Ensure Studio rely on category and doesn’t append family name

  • TCOMP-960: Suggestions parameters are not correctly resolved in Studio

  • TCOMP-961: Default value of Suggestions method parameter is ignored

  • TCOMP-964: ClassCastException is thrown when non-string values are used as Suggestions method parameter

New Feature

  • TCOMP-825: Provide component server proxy

  • TCOMP-928: Add negate and evaluation strategy to @ActiveIf

  • TCOMP-929: Ensure category contains the family

Work Item

  • TCOMP-816: Check migration feature and implement missing use-cases

  • TCOMP-918: create a mvn bom with tacokit stack to keep some dependencies aligned between component-runtime and it’s studio integration

  • TCOMP-932: Avoid Kafka recursive logging for component server

  • TCOMP-933: Drop component-kit.js module

  • TCOMP-935: Component server should log application and service in kafka mode

  • TCOMP-938: Add a builtin::http trigger in the server proxy

  • TCOMP-939: Ensure the proxy server can lookup references with a SPI

  • TCOMP-943: (web) Grand parent references for triggers not well resolved

  • TCOMP-944: (proxy server) Ensure the trigger are well resolved for references

  • TCOMP-947: (maven/gradle) ensure web task logs there is a UI

  • TCOMP-953: Upgrade to ziplock 7.0.5

  • TCOMP-954: Upgrade netty to 4.1.28.Final for the test stack

  • TCOMP-958: Componentvalidator error message in case of an unsupported type is misleading

  • TCOMP-959: [dependency upgrade] Upgrade to icon bundle 0.202.0

  • TCOMP-962: .car deploy-in-studio command (CarMain) should support to override an existing version

  • TCOMP-965: [dependency upgrade] Apache Beam 2.6.0

  • TCOMP-966: Ensure Studio integration renames HTTP threads to identify them more explicitly

  • TCOMP-967: Ensure parameter index is in metadata for services and constructors

Version 1.0.3

Work Item

  • TCOMP-919: Starter doesn’t synchronize correctly with central versions

  • TCOMP-920: Use Meecrowave 1.2.3

Version 1.0.2


  • TCOMP-888: Designer pipeline records counter are wrong for tacokit components with multiples outputs

  • TCOMP-899: Update Beam 2.5.0 compatibility

  • TCOMP-903: [tacokit studio integration] - Guess schema - better handling of number types recognition

  • TCOMP-904: [tacokit studio integration] - fix job classpath generation

  • TCOMP-913: Fix absolute path resolution for child of child use-case

New Feature

  • TCOMP-900: [tacokit studio integration] - Handle conditional outputs

Work Item

  • TCOMP-898: Ensure starter will be able to auto update its versions to avoid redeployments

  • TCOMP-905: Enrich scanning exclusion set

  • TCOMP-906: Minimalist JsonObject to IndexeredRecord utilities for beam

  • TCOMP-907: Support maxBatchSize as in the studio in Beam

  • TCOMP-910: Add maxbatchsize as built in parameter to Processor meta model

  • TCOMP-915: Upgrade Apache Meecrowave to 1.2.2

Version 1.0.1


  • TCOMP-822: [Windows] deploy-in-studio & car copy jar command in mvn plugin - don’t work if the studio is running

  • TCOMP-844: Service default method forwarded to interface method instead of implementation one if exists

  • TCOMP-848: [junit5] implicit mock collector and emitter are not resetted per method

  • TCOMP-851: [form] UiSchema shouldn’t have a JsonSchema

  • TCOMP-858: @OptionsOrder not respected by form-core

  • TCOMP-862: [form-core] ".." path is not correctly resolved

  • TCOMP-863: Job DSL doesn’t support multiple outputs

  • TCOMP-873: Fix shade junit-http module : remove shaded dependencies from generated artifact

  • TCOMP-889: [form] arrays are lost in trigger paths

  • TCOMP-890: Merge the component outputs (by name) from @AfterGroup and @ElementListener

  • TCOMP-893: Don’t log a warning for services when parameters don’t have i18n support

New Feature

  • TCOMP-834: Ensure that component has only one configuration argument.

  • TCOMP-845: [junit] ComponentsHandler misses findService

  • TCOMP-846: [junit] allow to inject current plugin services in test class

  • TCOMP-847: Support gzip in JUnit HTTP tooling

  • TCOMP-849: [junit http] support to match the request payload

  • TCOMP-850: MavenDecrypter should tolerate ${} syntax

  • TCOMP-861: Ensure Car Mojo can be skipped

  • TCOMP-887: [studio] add chunk size advanced common param for processors & output

  • TCOMP-892: Validate runtime configuration before executing the runtime

Work Item

  • TCOMP-829: Configuration Type tree is not correctly computed

  • TCOMP-830: Move all configuration to Microprofile Config instead of DeltaSpike

  • TCOMP-832: Provide a way to access lastUpdatedTimestamp in rest api

  • TCOMP-833: Upgrade gradle+maven for the starter

  • TCOMP-839: Add an API to load lazily the potential values of a list

  • TCOMP-840: Upgrade icon bundle to 0.190.2

  • TCOMP-841: Add validation of option names in the validator

  • TCOMP-852: [dependency upgrade] Upgrade shrinkwrap-resolver-impl-maven to 3.1.3

  • TCOMP-855: Support service injections in services

  • TCOMP-856: [dependency upgrade] OpenWebBeans 2.0.6

  • TCOMP-857: SimpleCollector must not depend on junit 4

  • TCOMP-864: Mojo should be thread safe for car/dependencies.txt generation

  • TCOMP-867: Expose Injector service

  • TCOMP-868: Create an ObjectFactory service

  • TCOMP-869: Ensure actions can get injected the requested lang

  • TCOMP-870: Provide Beam DoFn to simplify the migration from IndexedRecord to JsonObject

  • TCOMP-876: Allow custom converters in form-core

  • TCOMP-878: Add beam in the docker image OOTB

  • TCOMP-879: CarMojo doesn’t use car extension to attach the artifact

  • TCOMP-880: [dependency upgrade] Maven 3.5.4

  • TCOMP-881: [dependency upgrade] CXF 3.2.5

  • TCOMP-882: [dependency upgrade] Tomcat 9.0.10

  • TCOMP-883: [dependency upgrade] Beam 2.5.0

  • TCOMP-884: [dependency upgrade] Upgrade to icon bundle 0.197.0

  • TCOMP-894: [dependency upgrade] Johnzon 1.1.8

  • TCOMP-895: [dependency upgrade] xbean 4.9

Version 1.0.0


Work Item

  • TCOMP-811: Upgrade to tomcat 9.0.8

  • TCOMP-826: Extract component model from component server to a new artifact

Version 0.0.12

New Feature

  • TCOMP-763: Add a dev mode in the studio for tacokit

  • TCOMP-802: Add method to upload dependencies from .car to nexus

Work Item

  • TCOMP-808: Upgrade to JUnit 5.2.0

  • TCOMP-809: compress js and css for the starter

  • TCOMP-810: ui spec service uses a multiselecttag for a proposable on a string field

Version 0.0.11


  • TCOMP-804: Idea plugin doesn’t render properly configuration inputs

Work Item

  • TCOMP-798: intellij plugin - add official starter url

  • TCOMP-799: @Checkable expects the datastore name to match the validation name

  • TCOMP-806: Ensure server and starter support gzip

Version 0.0.10

Backlog Task


  • TCOMP-770: Removing component from web UI causes wrong number of components in summary

  • TCOMP-775: Starter - Fix properties keys generation

  • TCOMP-776: component-kit.js ignore credentials

  • TCOMP-783: ActiveIfs doesn’t make option visible

  • TCOMP-796: Datastore check (@Checkable) should default meta parameters to "datastore" if none is found

New Feature

  • TCOMP-773: Extend the http client api to handle more generic use cases

Work Item

  • TCOMP-771: ConfigurableClassLoader should skip scala.* classes

  • TCOMP-772: Upgrade icon set to ui/icons 0.179.0

  • TCOMP-774: Upgrade xbean to 4.8

Version 0.0.9

Work Item

  • TCOMP-768: More tolerance of configuration prefix for implicit migration of configuration node in form core library

Version 0.0.8

Work Item

  • TCOMP-756: Setup maven clirr plugin for component-api +testing

  • TCOMP-762: Starter should only propose a single category level in the ui

  • TCOMP-767: Ensure the configurationtype endpoints have matching name/path values

Version 0.0.7

Work Item

  • TCOMP-761: Merge component-runtime-manager and component-runtime-standalone

  • TCOMP-764: Clean up component-form-core dependencies

  • TCOMP-765: Upgrade to batik 1.9.1

Version 0.0.6


  • TCOMP-752: Fix Advanced settings and Test connection button appearance in repository wizard

  • TCOMP-757: Duplicate method name "writeReplace" with signature "()Ljava.lang.Object;" in class file

Work Item

  • TCOMP-751: Support gzip compression on component-server

  • TCOMP-753: Make classpath scanning to find component configurable

  • TCOMP-758: Support component-server server configuration from system properties

  • TCOMP-759: Enum must be i18n

Version 0.0.5

Work Item

  • TCOMP-738: Component Server should respect ~/.m2/settings.xml local repository if it exists

  • TCOMP-739: SerializationTransformer shouldn’t use ComponentManager to avoid ClassNotFoundException

  • TCOMP-740: UISpecService should be reactive and use a CompletionStage based API

  • TCOMP-741: UISpecService configuration support

  • TCOMP-742: Configuration Type properties should be rooted

  • TCOMP-744: Ensure wrapped BeamIO uses the right TCCL

  • TCOMP-745: [Dependency Upgrade] CXF 3.2.4

  • TCOMP-746: [Dependency Upgrade] Tomcat 9.0.6

  • TCOMP-747: [Dependency Upgrade] Log4j2 2.11.0

  • TCOMP-748: Make configurationtype index endpoint lighter OOTB

  • TCOMP-749: Intellij Idea plugin

  • TCOMP-750: Unify @Pattern using javascript regex instead of a mixed mode

Version 0.0.4


  • TCOMP-734: Add support for context and globalMap values in Tacokit component settings

New Feature

  • TCOMP-733: support to use a beam pipeline under the hood for beam components in di

Work Item

Version 0.0.3


  • TCOMP-731: Configuration Type migration handler skipped

Version 0.0.2


  • TCOMP-725: MavenDecrypter doesn’t support comments in settings.xml

  • TCOMP-726: When a component is not found the error message can be misleading

  • TCOMP-728: Http client doesn’t ignore empty query parameters

Work Item

  • TCOMP-722: WebSocket connection fails with a NPE when the endpoint doesn’t exists

  • TCOMP-723: Adding configurationByExample utility to create query string for Job DSL

  • TCOMP-724: Documentation endpoint doesn’t support HTML

Version 0.0.1

Work Item

  • TCOMP-446: Support Embedded Documentation

  • TCOMP-650: Ensure component can be executed in beam pipelines

  • TCOMP-651: Ensure beam components can be wrapped and used through the Talend Component Kit Framework

  • TCOMP-653: Web Form metamodel service

  • TCOMP-655: Catalog service

  • TCOMP-656: UISpec compatibility

  • TCOMP-658: Add test Source/Sink collectors in JUnit integration

  • TCOMP-659: Basic job builder API to simplify JUnit tests

  • TCOMP-662: Validation Mojo

  • TCOMP-664: Local testing server for dev

  • TCOMP-675: Select a communication solution for Talend Component Kit server

  • TCOMP-680: Register components into the Studio Palette

  • TCOMP-681: Studio parameters form integration

  • TCOMP-682: Studio Metadata integration

  • TCOMP-683: Studio Runtime integration

  • TCOMP-691: Create context menu for Tacokit node in repository panel

  • TCOMP-719: Support Input Definition

  • TCOMP-720: Support Output Definition

  • TCOMP-721: Initial Widget Definitions

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