Installing the Talend Component Kit IntelliJ plugin

The Talend Component Kit IntelliJ plugin is a plugin for the IntelliJ Java IDE. It adds support for the Talend Component Kit project creation.

Main features:

  • Project generation support.

  • Internationalization completion for component configuration.

Installing the IntelliJ plugin

In the Intellij IDEA:

  1. Go to File > Settings…​

  2. On the left panel, select Plugins.

  3. Access the Marketplace tab.

  4. Enter Talend in the search field and Select Talend Component Kit.

  5. Select Install.

Browse talend plugin
  1. Click the Restart IDE button.

IDEA restart
  1. Confirm the IDEA restart to complete the installation.

IDEA restart

The plugin is now installed on your IntelliJ IDEA. You can start using it.

About the internationalization completion

The plugin offers auto-completion for the configuration internationalization. The Talend component configuration lets you setup translatable and user-friendly labels for your configuration using a property file. Auto-completion in possible for the configuration keys and default values in the property file.

For example, you can internationalize a simple configuration class for a basic authentication that you use in your component:

        @GridLayout.Row({ "url" }),
        @GridLayout.Row({ "username", "password" }),
public class BasicAuthConfig implements Serializable {

    private String url;

    private String username;

    private String password;

This configuration class contains three properties which you can attach a user-friendly label to.

For example, you can define a label like My server URL for the url option:

  1. Locate or create a file in the project resources and add the label to that file. The plugin automatically detects your configuration and provides you with key completion in the property file.

  2. Press Ctrl+Space to see the key suggestions.

Keys suggestion
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