Version 1.57.0


Version 1.56.2


Version 1.56.0


New Feature

Work Item

Version 1.55.0


Work Item

Version 1.54.1

Work Item

Version 1.54.0


Work Item

Version 1.53.1


Work Item

Version 1.53.0


Work Item

Version 1.52.2


Work Item

Version 1.52.1


Work Item

  • TCOMP-2327: Upgrade cxf to 3.5.5 due to CVE-2022-46364

  • TCOMP-2328: Upgrade woodstox to 6.4.0 due to CVE-2022-40152

Version 1.52.0


Work Item

Version 1.51.4


Work Item

Version 1.51.3


Version 1.51.2


Version 1.51.1


Version 1.51.0


New Feature

Work Item

Version 1.50.4


Version 1.50.3


Version 1.50.2


Version 1.50.1


  • TCOMP-2241: [Runtime convergence] : Join connector fails - No translator known api beam

Work Item

Version 1.50.0


New Feature

Work Item

Version 1.49.1

New Feature

Version 1.49.0


New Feature

Work Item

Version 1.48.1


Version 1.48.0


New Feature

Work Item

Version 1.47.1


New Feature

Version 1.47.0

New Feature

Version 1.46.1


Version 1.46.0

New Feature

Work Item

Version 1.45.2

Work Item

Version 1.45.1

New Feature

Version 1.45.0


New Feature

Work Item

  • TCOMP-2126: give default implementation to Record.Builder to not break api api

  • TCOMP-2130: Add git informations in starter-toolkit’s environment starter

Version 1.44.3


Work Item

Version 1.44.2

Work Item

  • TCOMP-2126: give default implementation to Record.Builder to not break api api

Version 1.44.1

New Feature

Version 1.44.0


New Feature

Work Item

Version 1.43.1


Version 1.43.0


  • TCOMP-2003: Maven dependency classifier considered as version in dependencies.txt by Studio

New Feature

  • TCOMP-2096: Support BigDecimal type in DI integration

Work Item

Version 1.42.0


  • TCOMP-1803: RecordBuilder.withRecord(final String name, final Record value) doesn’t accept null value

  • TCOMP-2079: Intellij plugin fails on plugin startup

  • TCOMP-2080: AvroRecord refuses Union[null, RecordSchema]

  • TCOMP-2082: ComponentManager’s findDefaultM2 method takes comment as granted

Work Item

  • TCOMP-2058: Add dependencies on config

  • TCOMP-2074: Change JSON log format to conform to ECS

  • TCOMP-2083: Give component-runtime version on ComponentManager startup

  • TCOMP-2084: Allow use of i18n in connectors' metadata for custom labels

Version 1.41.1


  • TCOMP-2079: Intellij plugin fails on plugin startup

  • TCOMP-2080: AvroRecord refuses Union[null, RecordSchema]

  • TCOMP-2082: ComponentManager’s findDefaultM2 method takes comment as granted

Version 1.41.0


  • TCOMP-2063: Avro Record Constructor

  • TCOMP-2064: NPE with lookup missconfiguration in Join processor

  • TCOMP-2067: Bug on order columns

  • TCOMP-2071: Define default methods on Schema / Entry / Record interfaces

New Feature

  • TCOMP-2045: Pass and read meta information about columns.

  • TCOMP-2072: Ligthen parameters for component-server docker image

Work Item

  • TCOMP-2057: AvroSchema : optimize getType by using type fields

  • TCOMP-2060: Upgrade log4j2 to 2.17.0 due to CVE-2021-45105

  • TCOMP-2061: Upgrade netty to 4.1.72.Final due to CVE-2021-43797

  • TCOMP-2065: Internationalized Services as Serializable

  • TCOMP-2068: Upgrade log4j2 to 2.17.1 due to CVE-2021-44832

  • TCOMP-2069: Create a latest tag for component-runtime images

  • TCOMP-2070: Upgrade TSBI to 2.9.18-20220104141654

  • TCOMP-2073: Upgrade maven-core to 3.8.4 due to CVE

Version 1.40.0


  • TCOMP-2047: RecordBuilder in RowstructVisitor keeps values

  • TCOMP-2048: RowstructVisitor should respect case in member not java convention

  • TCOMP-2049: Incompatible class change on Entry

  • TCOMP-2053: Migration failing when using custom java code in configuration

Work Item

Version 1.39.3


  • TCOMP-2053: Migration failing when using custom java code in configuration

Work Item

  • TCOMP-2054: Upgrade log4j2 to 2.16.0 due to CVE-2021-44228

Version 1.39.2


Version 1.39.1


  • TCOMP-2047: RecordBuilder in RowstructVisitor keeps values

  • TCOMP-2048: RowstructVisitor should respect case in member not java convention

Version 1.39.0


  • TCOMP-2019: Sanitized columns name collision support

  • TCOMP-2021: Missing logic when handling null date values in Record

  • TCOMP-2046: Rowstruct visitor recreates schema at each incoming row

New Feature

  • TCOMP-2004: [Runtime convergence] New tck/API to retrieve dataset full content

  • TCOMP-2008: Add ability to insert a schema entry on Record BuilderImpl

Work Item

Version 1.38.9

Work Item

Version 1.38.8

Work Item

  • TCOMP-2327: Upgrade cxf to 3.5.5 due to CVE-2022-46364

  • TCOMP-2328: Upgrade woodstox to 6.4.0 due to CVE-2022-40152

Version 1.38.7

Work Item

Version 1.38.6

New Feature

Work Item

Version 1.38.5

Work Item

  • TCOMP-2030: Upgrade Tomcat to 9.0.54 due to CVE-2021-42340

Version 1.38.4


  • TCOMP-2053: Migration failing when using custom java code in configuration

Work Item

  • TCOMP-2054: Upgrade log4j2 to 2.16.0 due to CVE-2021-44228

Version 1.38.3


  • TCOMP-2048: RowstructVisitor should respect case in member not java convention

Version 1.38.2


  • TCOMP-2047: RecordBuilder in RowstructVisitor keeps values

Version 1.38.1


  • TCOMP-2046: Rowstruct visitor recreates schema at each incoming row

Version 1.38.0


  • TCOMP-1963: Missing IMetaDataColumn fields in guess schema

  • TCOMP-1987: Avro record : Array of Array of records issue

  • TCOMP-1988: Unable to run component-runtime connectors in Studio with JDK 17

  • TCOMP-2005: Non defined columns appear in schema

  • TCOMP-2006: Support empty values for Numbers case

  • TCOMP-2010: Error on Documentation build on "less" usage

  • TCOMP-2020: talend-component-kit-intellij-plugin module build fails using Bintray (decomissioned)


  • TCOMP-1900: Create jenkins release process for component-runtime

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1997: Enable plugins reloading according criteria

Work Item

  • TCOMP-2000: Upgrade netty to 4.1.68.Final

  • TCOMP-2001: Upgrade Beam to 2.32.0

  • TCOMP-2007: connectors as a json object in Environment

  • TCOMP-2009: Upgrade dockerfile-maven-plugin to 1.4.13

  • TCOMP-2016: UiSchema can’t hold advanced titleMap for more advanded datalist widgets

Version 1.37.1

Work Item

  • TCOMP-2007: connectors as a json object in Environment

Version 1.37.0


  • TCOMP-1957: Avro schema builder issue

  • TCOMP-1994: WebSocketClient$ClientException when executing action in Studio

New Feature

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1990: Update jsoup to 1.14.2 due to CVE-2021-37714

  • TCOMP-1991: Update groovy to 3.0.9 due to CVE-2021-36373 / CVE-2021-36374

  • TCOMP-1992: Update lombok to 1.18.20

  • TCOMP-1993: Update TSBI to 2.9.0-20210907155713

  • TCOMP-1995: Expose the connectors (global) version in the "Environment" response

  • TCOMP-1996: BaseService must not define equals & hashcode

Version 1.36.1


  • TCOMP-1994: WebSocketClient$ClientException when executing action in Studio

Version 1.36.0


  • TCOMP-1904: Delegate Avro record in AvroRecord seems to be invalid

  • TCOMP-1967: goal uispec generation failure

  • TCOMP-1983: fix module inclusion in dependencies.txt when build is java9+

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1981: Allow to filter artifacts in car file generation

  • TCOMP-1982: Allow to include extra artifacts in car file generation

Work Item

Version 1.35.1


Version 1.35.0


  • TCOMP-1935: After Variables doesn’t support custom object types

  • TCOMP-1941: Maven goal talend-component:web fails on startup

  • TCOMP-1947: Implement a retry strategy on failure in vault-client

  • TCOMP-1948: Raised exception in component-server(s) should be serialized in json

  • TCOMP-1952: IllegalArgumentException when the http response return duplicated header.

Work Item

Version 1.34.1


  • TCOMP-1941: Maven goal talend-component:web fails on startup

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1939: Upgrade TSBI to Talend 2.7.2-20210616074048

Version 1.34.0


  • TCOMP-1919: Sanitize must force encoding file

  • TCOMP-1925: Incorrect mapping of the parameters after arrays

  • TCOMP-1937: Classpath not fully parsed in TSBI images

New Feature

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1707: Upgrade Geronimo :: Simple JCache to 1.0.5

  • TCOMP-1850: component-server with vault feature

  • TCOMP-1907: Service monitor implementation & cleaning of grafana dashboard

  • TCOMP-1921: Upgrade TSBI to 2.7.0-20210527090437

  • TCOMP-1930: Remove jsoup 1.7.x transitive dependency due to CVE-2015-6748

  • TCOMP-1936: Extend properties in Schema to use JsonValue

  • TCOMP-1938: Add the german locale in the locale mapping

Version 1.33.3

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1938: Add the german locale in the locale mapping

Version 1.33.2


  • TCOMP-1937: Classpath not fully parsed in TSBI images

Version 1.33.1


Version 1.33.0


  • TCOMP-1886: Errors on Schema.sanitizeConnectionName

  • TCOMP-1905: component-runtime fails to build with Java 11

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1893: Upgrade to Beam 2.29.0 and use Beam’s Spark 3 specific module

  • TCOMP-705: Support After variables

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1898: Add method to Record.Builder

  • TCOMP-1910: Upgrade commons-io to 2.8.0 due to CVE-2021-29425

  • TCOMP-1911: Upgrade cxf to 3.4.3 due to CVE-2021-22696

  • TCOMP-1912: Upgrade TSBI to 2.6.7-20210503202416

Version 1.32.2

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1938: Add the german locale in the locale mapping

Version 1.32.1


  • TCOMP-1937: Classpath not fully parsed in TSBI images

Version 1.32.0


  • TCOMP-1880: Engine Server returns binary data instead of json (aka does not respect the compressed header)

  • TCOMP-1886: Errors on Schema.sanitizeConnectionName

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1815: Support of ComponentException in migration

  • TCOMP-1873: Add method getEntry on TCK Record Schema class

  • TCOMP-1892: Upgrade Spark to 3.0.1

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1888: Remove/change validation of ComponentException

  • TCOMP-1894: Uniformize docker images entrypoints

  • TCOMP-1895: Enhance coercion in RecordConverters

  • TCOMP-1896: Upgrade TSBI to 2.6.4-20210331133410

Version 1.31.0


  • TCOMP-1806: Double values are rounded to 5 decimal places in studio

  • TCOMP-1851: HttpClient implementation class is a Service with State

  • TCOMP-1864: JsonSchemaConverter and johnzon-jsonschema 1.2.9+ look incompatible

  • TCOMP-1866: Invalid number coercion on primitive type

  • TCOMP-1869: byte[] handling is incorrect in dynamic column

  • TCOMP-1871: Dynamic metadata name is not sanitized

Work Item

Version 1.30.0


  • TCOMP-1688: Rewrite JsonSchema required rules to reflect component’s validation rules

  • TCOMP-1857: Pojo conversion don’t support nested Objects

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1841: Add a SPI that would allow to add metadata to components

  • TCOMP-1847: Upgrade Apache Beam to 2.27.0

  • TCOMP-1848: Upgrade bouncycastle to 1.68 due to CVE 2020-28052

  • TCOMP-1849: Proxify metrics component-server’s endpoint

  • TCOMP-1852: Upgrade netty to v4.1.58.Final and ensure default http testing module is java 11 friendly over ssl

  • TCOMP-1854: Upgrade netty to 4.1.59.Final due to CVE-2021-21290

  • TCOMP-1855: Upgrade johnzon to 1.2.10

  • TCOMP-1856: Upgrade tomcat to 9.0.43

Version 1.29.2

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1841: Add a SPI that would allow to add metadata to components

  • TCOMP-1852: Upgrade netty to v4.1.58.Final and ensure default http testing module is java 11 friendly over ssl

  • TCOMP-1854: Upgrade netty to 4.1.59.Final due to CVE-2021-21290

Version 1.29.1

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1848: Upgrade bouncycastle to 1.68 due to CVE 2020-28052

Version 1.29.0


  • TCOMP-1839: Tomcat websocket server fails to start after tomcat 9.0.40 and meecrowave 1.2.10

Work Item

Version 1.28.2

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1848: Upgrade bouncycastle to 1.68 due to CVE 2020-28052

Version 1.28.1


  • TCOMP-1839: Tomcat websocket server fails to start after tomcat 9.0.40 and meecrowave 1.2.10

Work Item

Version 1.28.0

Work Item

Version 1.1.27


  • TCOMP-1787: ComponentManager can’t be re-created after it’s been closed

  • TCOMP-1788: Invalid properties validation

  • TCOMP-1801: Can’t look for resources in the classpath on Windows

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1761: Support of complete schema definition

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1725: Upgrade Tomcat to 9.0.40

  • TCOMP-1792: Uniform error message on component validation

  • TCOMP-1808: Upgrade log4j2 to 2.14.0

  • TCOMP-1809: Update CXF to 3.3.8 due to CVE-2020-13954

  • TCOMP-1812: Upgrade junit to 4.13.1 due to CVE-2020-15250

  • TCOMP-1813: Upgrade jupiter to 5.7.0

  • TCOMP-1816: Apache Maven Shared Utils: OS Command Injection in Talend/component-runtime (master) and Talend/cloud-components

  • TCOMP-1817: Upgrade gmavenplus-plugin to 1.11.0

Version 1.1.26


  • TCOMP-1722: REST - Last / in endpoint is removed

  • TCOMP-1757: Studio - context not set when call a @suggestable service

  • TCOMP-1772: Code widget doesn’t allow multiline text

Work Item

Version 1.1.25


  • TCOMP-1770: Performance loss on Ouput components in Studio

Version 1.1.24


  • TCOMP-1750: Deadlock at TPD job startup using the Component SDK and using the Workday component

  • TCOMP-1759: Guess schema mixes columns returned by tck service

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1752: Make component-runtime class loader find classes in RemoteEngine JobServer

  • TCOMP-1764: Upgrade to Apache Beam 2.23.0

Version 1.1.23


  • TCOMP-1719: Header responses for icon not propagated correctly from Component-server-vault-proxy

  • TCOMP-1733: NPE in Studio metadata connection with activeif on different layouts

  • TCOMP-1734: Studio froze when installing a patch with

  • TCOMP-1736: JobImpl retrieves more than streaming.maxRecords parameter

  • TCOMP-1739: Use scala version defined on parent for Spark related components

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1695: Support List type in Studio

  • TCOMP-1737: Allow to force installation of an already existing component with the car bundle

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1728: Enforce use of the defined error contract in connectors

  • TCOMP-1731: Make connectors docker image TSBI compliant

  • TCOMP-1738: Upgrade to Apache Beam 2.22.0

  • TCOMP-1742: Upgrade johnzon to 1.2.7

Version 1.1.22


  • TCOMP-1727: WebSocketContainer not present in ServletContext

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1696: Definition of an error contract to handle expected errors

Work Item

Version 1.1.21


  • TCOMP-1719: Header responses for icon not propagated correctly from Component-server-vault-proxy

Version 1.1.20


  • TCOMP-1649: Tomcat bump to 9.0.31 broke talend-component:web goal

  • TCOMP-1676: Starter-toolkit mvn package throws error when running for the first time

  • TCOMP-1677: Using other types than String in Studio’s context values causes compilation error

  • TCOMP-1679: Combination of @Required and @Suggestable on a field creates strange behaviour

  • TCOMP-1682: Remove key attribute in UISchema for containers

  • TCOMP-1686: antora helper function relativize corrupts documentation

  • TCOMP-1694: [MAVEN PLUGIN] validateSvg argument is ineffective

  • TCOMP-1698: UiSpecService injects a wrong property for suggestions and dynamic_values

  • TCOMP-1718: Duplicated code in RecordConverters

New Feature

Work Item

Version 1.1.19


  • TCOMP-1639: component-server incorrect response set in request

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1640: Ensure Intellij plugin works with Intellij Idea IU-201

  • TCOMP-1641: Upgrade OpenWebBeans to 2.0.15

  • TCOMP-1642: Upgrade Groovy to 3.0.1

  • TCOMP-1643: Add automatic scheduling eviction system on LocalCache

  • TCOMP-1644: Upgrade log4j to 2.13.0

  • TCOMP-1645: Ensure correct wording is used in @Documentation

  • TCOMP-1647: Upgrade netty to 4.1.45.Final

  • TCOMP-1648: Unsafe Dependancy Resolution on jcommander

Version 1.1.18


  • TCOMP-1638: Inject services to delegate in proxy

Version 1.1.17


  • TCOMP-1619: Handle correctly DATETIME field type on AvroRecord

  • TCOMP-1622: [DOC] @Icon is not supported on datastore/dataset

  • TCOMP-1623: Change scheme for maven repos

  • TCOMP-1628: Manage BigDecimal in RecordConverter

  • TCOMP-1629: Ensure LocalConfiguration environment source replace dot with _

  • TCOMP-1630: Avoid NPE when configurationByExample() is called in a list of primitive without values

  • TCOMP-1631: int attribute in pojo is transformed to double in a Record

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1632: Add a way to evict cached data from LocalCache

Work Item

Version 1.1.16


  • TCOMP-1596: Windows URI are broken

  • TCOMP-1597: Httpclient does not support multi query parameters

  • TCOMP-1598: validator task uses ENGLISH locale to validate instead of root one

  • TCOMP-1612: Starter toolkit shouldn’t use the default 'STAR' icon in demo component

Work Item


Work Item

  • TCOMP-1752: Make component-runtime class loader find classes in RemoteEngine JobServer

Version 1.1.15


  • TCOMP-1560: Min and Max error message during configuration validation are reversed

  • TCOMP-1563: Web Tester does not work anymore (maven/gradle goal/task)

  • TCOMP-1573: Body encoder is called twice for each query

  • TCOMP-1582: Deploy to Nexus 3.15 caused "Provided url doesn’t respond neither to Nexus 2 nor to Nexus 3 endpoints"

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1576: Add the possibility to desactivate http client redirection in HTTP Configurer

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1559: Support configuration of the maxBatchSize enablement

  • TCOMP-1561: Custom action type shouldn’t need to be enforced to define a family method

  • TCOMP-1562: Support JsonObject type in actions

  • TCOMP-1564: Move to java.nio.Path instead of in component-runtime-manager stack where possible

  • TCOMP-1565: Upgade to Junit Jupiter 5.6.0-M1

  • TCOMP-1566: Don’t compute jvmMarkers per component module but once for all

  • TCOMP-1567: Cache Artifact path in case of reuse

  • TCOMP-1568: Lazily create the container services

  • TCOMP-1569: Upgrade starter to gradle 6.0-rc1

  • TCOMP-1570: Ensure starter adds _placeholder entries in

  • TCOMP-1571: Support [length] syntax to change array configuration

  • TCOMP-1572: Validate that @Option is not used on final fields

  • TCOMP-1574: Upgrade to CXF 3.3.4

  • TCOMP-1575: Upgrade to Spark 2.4.4

  • TCOMP-1577: Upgrade to xbean 4.15

  • TCOMP-1578: Upgrade asciidoctor-pdf to v1.5.0-beta.7

  • TCOMP-1581: Support JUnit5 meta annotations for our extensions


New Feature

Work Item

Version 1.1.14


  • TCOMP-1558: org.talend.sdk.component.api.service.record.RecordService must be serializable

New Feature

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1550: Component configuration instantiation can be slow for complex configurations

  • TCOMP-1551: ObjectFactory should default to fieldproperties when field injection is activated

  • TCOMP-1553: Simplify and widden excluded classes for with transformer support

  • TCOMP-1555: Upgrade to Tomcat 9.0.27

  • TCOMP-1556: Studio short, byte, BigDecimal and char types are wrong handled

  • TCOMP-1557: Upgrade to Beam 2.16.0

Version 1.1.13


  • TCOMP-1509: Intellij plugin does not declare java module preventing the plugin to run under last versions

  • TCOMP-1526: Upgrade talend UI bundle (js) to 4.6.0

  • TCOMP-1533: JSON-B API does not enable to combine multiple adapters or (de)serializers in JsonbConfig

  • TCOMP-1536: @DefaultValue ignored in documentation generation

  • TCOMP-1541: Studio integration enforces JSON<→Record conversion instead of relying on rowStruct making number precision lost

  • TCOMP-1542: Validator plugin uses family instead of pluginId (artifactId) to validate local-configuration

New Feature

Work Item

Version 1.1.12


  • TCOMP-1478: /documentation/component/{id} internationalization does not work when embedded

  • TCOMP-1479: When generating the documentation, it can happen the lang is wrong due to ResourceBundle usage

  • TCOMP-1480: Servers docker images don’t have curl or wget available

  • TCOMP-1497: POJO to Record mapping is not supported in processors

  • TCOMP-1498: SVG2Mojo wrongly log the source file as being created

  • TCOMP-1499: component-form does not support array of object of object if 2 levels use the same field name

  • TCOMP-1500: Ensure component-form button have a key to have an id and propagate errors in the front

  • TCOMP-1503: EnvironmentSecuredFilter not working on /environment/

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1482: Enable web tester to switch the language

  • TCOMP-1483: Enable to expose the documentation through the web tester

  • TCOMP-1485: Asciidoctor documentation does not enable titles (component name and configuration ones) to be translated

  • TCOMP-1486: Ensure locale mapping is configurable in component-server

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1484: Junit 5.5.0 upgrade

  • TCOMP-1487: AsciidocMojo should only use ROOT locale by default

  • TCOMP-1488: Enable to translate gridlayout names

  • TCOMP-1489: Upgrade Tomcat to v9.0.22

  • TCOMP-1491: Upgrade JIB to v1.4.0

  • TCOMP-1492: Upgrade jackson-databind to

  • TCOMP-1493: Rewrite component exception to ensure they can be loaded after a serialization

  • TCOMP-1494: Upgrade to junit jupiter 5.5.1

  • TCOMP-1495: Upgrade to Geronimo OpenAPI 1.0.10

  • TCOMP-1496: [testing tool] MainInputFactory does not support Record

  • TCOMP-1501: Remove generate mojo

  • TCOMP-1502: [maven plugin] upgrade jib-core to 0.10.0

Version 1.1.11


  • TCOMP-1469: Studio maven repository not found OOTB

  • TCOMP-1472: Connectors maven goal does not work in 1.1.10

  • TCOMP-1473: Docker image text log setup should use ISO8601 and not HH:mm:ss.SSS

Work Item

Version 1.1.10


  • TCOMP-1425: Spark classes not excluded anymore in component-runtime-beam leading to classloading issues

  • TCOMP-1427: dependencies.txt mojo uses timestamped versions for snapshots instead of just -SNAPSHOT

  • TCOMP-1431: [maven] Asciidoctor files should be attached with adoc extension and not jar one

  • TCOMP-1433: [form-model] itemwidget ignored from uischema builder

  • TCOMP-1438: Index cache can lead to invalid index list of component

  • TCOMP-1440: Bulk components without @ElementListener when used with component-extension (default in the server)

  • TCOMP-1441: Missing parameter init in the UiSchema Trigger builder

  • TCOMP-1446: Rework gradle lifecycle

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1419: Upgrade build to groovy 2.5.7

  • TCOMP-1420: Upgrade maven compiler to 3.1.2

  • TCOMP-1422: Filter allowed beam classes in component-server image

  • TCOMP-1423: Enable to customize studio maven repository for deploy-studio maven and gradle goal/task

  • TCOMP-1426: Ensure Spark rule and @WithSpark uses a default version consistent with the runtime

  • TCOMP-1430: Deprecate built-in icons in favor of vendor specific icons

  • TCOMP-1432: basic dita generation for the component documentation

  • TCOMP-1434: [form-model] Add withCondition to UISchema builder

  • TCOMP-1435: Dont use beam_sdks_java_core shaded libraries

  • TCOMP-1437: Add infinite metadata to ComponentDetail

  • TCOMP-1444: Remove KnownJarsFilter since it is no more used to discover components

  • TCOMP-1445: Icon must support SVG

  • TCOMP-1448: [starter] provide a basic OpenAPI integration

  • TCOMP-1449: Upgrade XBean to v4.14

  • TCOMP-1450: Add a read-only bulk endpoint in component-server

  • TCOMP-1451: [upgrade] Johnzon 1.1.12

  • TCOMP-1452: [upgrade] Meecrowave 1.2.8

  • TCOMP-1453: Upgrade to CXF 3.3.2

  • TCOMP-1455: Prepare DateTime support in configurations

  • TCOMP-1457: Upgrade to Apache Beam 2.13.0

  • TCOMP-1458: Ensure _placeholder presence is encouraged and validated

  • TCOMP-1459: Experimental way to patch a component dependency

  • TCOMP-1461: Extension API for the validator plugin

  • TCOMP-1462: Validate through the corresponding build task provided SVG

  • TCOMP-1464: Upgrade to OpenWebBeans 2.0.11

  • TCOMP-1465: Upgrade to JUnit 5.5.0-RC1

  • TCOMP-1466: Upgrade to ziplock 8.0.0-M2

  • TCOMP-1467: Upgrade mock server (testing tool) to netty 5.0.0.Alpha2

  • TCOMP-1468: Support docker-compose >= 1.23 in vault-proxy

Version 1.1.9


  • TCOMP-1374: ensure Utf8 avro strings don’t leak in AvroRecord API, even using get(Object.class, …​)

  • TCOMP-1375: When two sources use the same dataset and one source has additional required parameter the validation fails

  • TCOMP-1384: Enhance studio guess schema algorithm to find implicitly the action to call if needed

  • TCOMP-1388: Can’t change the dataset name in starter

  • TCOMP-1389: Intellij starter fails to generate a project

  • TCOMP-1398: Using after option of @updateable can lead to a null pointer exception in component-form

  • TCOMP-1401: Documentation table is broken

  • TCOMP-1407: Databricks: interface is not visible from class loader

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1386: Add withRecord(String,Record) in Record.Builder

  • TCOMP-1387: Use icon bundle version 3.1.0

  • TCOMP-1412: Add rest and couchbase icon to component api

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1376: Upgrade jupiter to 5.4.2

  • TCOMP-1385: talend.component.server.component.registry must be a list

  • TCOMP-1390: Move component-api to component-runtime repository

  • TCOMP-1392: Tomcat 9.0.19 upgrade

  • TCOMP-1402: Provide a placeholder for classpath extensions in docker images

  • TCOMP-1403: Upgrade asciidoctor to 2.0.0 and asciidoctor-pdf to alpha17

  • TCOMP-1404: Upgrade to Apache Beam 2.12.0

  • TCOMP-1408: Starter does not support types starting with a lowercase

  • TCOMP-1411: ComponentManager relies on beam jar name. This is unlikely and should move to beam integration module.

  • TCOMP-1417: Upgrade to Geronimo OpenAPI 1.0.8

Version 1.1.8


  • TCOMP-1326: Avro Schema is not serializable as JSON so guess schema action does not work when compoennt-runtime-beam is present

  • TCOMP-1330: Shade extensions don’t inherit from pluginrepositories

  • TCOMP-1340: Tools webapp (talend-component:web) does not support changing the locale anymore

  • TCOMP-1343: Use LogicalTypes.timestampMillis() on DATETIME for avro record builder

  • TCOMP-1360: Renaming an option (@Option("custom")) does not work on fields of type object

  • TCOMP-1370: ImageM2Mojo does not set timestamp in the docker image leading to component-server having a wrong lastUpdated value

  • TCOMP-1372: Nested components don’t expose their doc deterministicly until it is overriden

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1341: Register deploy in studio task OOTB in gradle extension

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1325: Upgrade CXF to 3.3.1

  • TCOMP-1327: /environment iterates over deployed plugin for each call, this is not needed

  • TCOMP-1328: Upgrade to Beam 2.11.0

  • TCOMP-1329: Lazy initialize parameter model to have a quicker cold start in plain main(String[])

  • TCOMP-1331: Use java 8u191 as base docker image

  • TCOMP-1332: Provide a simple way to filter configurations and component on /index endpoints

  • TCOMP-1334: Add a mojo to generate the list of components/services classes

  • TCOMP-1335: Add in doc mojo table the type of configuration the parameter belongs to

  • TCOMP-1336: Allow output processors to only have an @AfterGroup taking the list of record of the group in parameter

  • TCOMP-1346: Upgrade to Tomcat 9.0.17

  • TCOMP-1347: Upgrade to Slf4j 1.7.26

  • TCOMP-1348: [form-core] Ensure suggestions trigger is bound to "change" event too

  • TCOMP-1349: [form-core] When a tab is empty, don’t show it

  • TCOMP-1350: talend.component.server.component.registry should support glob pattern

  • TCOMP-1351: Upgrade jsoup for Spark Cluster Testing module

  • TCOMP-1353: component-server must not use TALEND-INF/dependencies.txt but another path

  • TCOMP-1354: Enforce services to belong to the delcaring service class

  • TCOMP-1361: Upgrade to asciidoctorj 2.0.0-RC.1

  • TCOMP-1362: Beam Wrapped Components should throw shared exception types

  • TCOMP-1366: Upgrade to XBean 4.13 to not track all classes scanned

  • TCOMP-1371: Upgrade to Apache Geronimo OpenAPI 1.0.7

Version 1.1.7


  • TCOMP-1307: support char and character types in configuration.

  • TCOMP-1312: Component-form-core shouldn’t trigger validation of object due to conditional visibility (only individual fields are validable)

  • TCOMP-1314: category field of the starter is broken

  • TCOMP-1316: [build] Ensure snapshot use timestamped versions in dependencies.txt

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1306: Add RecordPointerFactory to enable to extract data from Record using json pointer spec

  • TCOMP-1315: Ensure @Internationalized can use shortnames too in

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1303: Support docker configs/secrets in docker images

  • TCOMP-1304: Vault proxy should support token configuration

  • TCOMP-1305: Upgrade to beam 2.10.0

  • TCOMP-1308: Upgrade to Talend UI 2.6.0

  • TCOMP-1309: Upgrade to Component API 1.1.5

  • TCOMP-1310: Ensure there is a basic secured mecanism to store configuration data

  • TCOMP-1317: Use Apache Geronimo Microprofile Config extensions (docker and secured string)

  • TCOMP-1318: Upgrade to Apache Meecrowave 1.2.7

  • TCOMP-1319: Upgrade Apache Geronimo Metrics to 1.0.3

  • TCOMP-1320: Upgrade to Apache Geronimo OpenAPI 1.0.6

  • TCOMP-1321: Upgrade to Apache Geronimo OpenTracing 1.0.2

  • TCOMP-1322: Upgrade to Apache Geronimo Config 1.2.2

Version 1.1.6


  • TCOMP-1263: When using @Updateable(after=xxx) the visibility condition (@ActiveIf) of the after field shouldn’t be inherited

  • TCOMP-1264: AvroSchema does not unwrap null(able types) to map to Schema model

  • TCOMP-1265: dataset / datastore cloud validation : allow nested configuration types

  • TCOMP-1267: /documentation does not filter properly component

  • TCOMP-1281: Add jackson-mapper-asl in docker image of the server

  • TCOMP-1298: Support restricted lists for @Proposable

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1297: make max batch size property configurable for family and components through LocalConfiguration

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1266: Enhance starter to support dataset and datastore

  • TCOMP-1268: Ensure /environment is not callable if not local or secured

  • TCOMP-1269: Ensure ErrorReportValve does not leak Tomcat version OOTB

  • TCOMP-1271: Upgrade to talend UI 2.3.0

  • TCOMP-1272: Move multiSelectTag to multiSelect for web environment

  • TCOMP-1273: [build/dev plugin] Automatically open the browser for talend-component:web task/goal

  • TCOMP-1276: Exclude xerces from component loadable resources for XMLReaderFactory

  • TCOMP-1282: Upgrade meecrowave to 1.2.6

  • TCOMP-1283: Upgrade cxf to 3.3.0

  • TCOMP-1284: Upgrade to johnzon 1.1.11

  • TCOMP-1292: Provide a vault friendly integration for the server

  • TCOMP-1293: Upgrade to Tomcat 9.0.16

  • TCOMP-1295: Ensure of a container are merged

  • TCOMP-1296: Ensure user can enrich families with custom jar+configuration

Version 1.1.5


  • TCOMP-1245: Provided services (SPI) by tacokit not available

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1246: Rework docker image setup to use jib

  • TCOMP-1247: Upgrade geronimo metrics to 1.0.2

  • TCOMP-1248: Upgrade to geronimo opentracing 1.0.3

  • TCOMP-1249: Provide segment extractor for doc endpoint

  • TCOMP-1250: Make component documentation (@Documentation on component) i18n friendly

  • TCOMP-1251: cache avrocoders used in SchemaRegistryCoder

  • TCOMP-1252: Remove html support in documentation endpoint

  • TCOMP-1253: Refine OpenAPI documentation

  • TCOMP-1256: Add mapDescriptorToClassLoader to create a classloader from a list of gav

  • TCOMP-1258: Support to build a Record from a provided Schema

  • TCOMP-1259: Add getOptional to Record

Version 1.1.4


  • TCOMP-1223: byte[] not supported in AvroRecord (beam)

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1222: Ensure @WithComponents and @Environment are compatible

  • TCOMP-1234: Upgrade to beam 2.9.0

  • TCOMP-1235: Upgrade to antora 2

  • TCOMP-1237: Upgrade component-api to 1.1.2

  • TCOMP-1238: Upgrade metrics and opentracing microprofile libraries in docker image to use Geronimo extensions

  • TCOMP-1239: OpenWebBeans 2.0.9 upgrade

  • TCOMP-1240: Johnzon 1.1.11 upgrade

  • TCOMP-1242: Runtime validation error message wrongly interpolated

  • TCOMP-1243: Ensure component classloader isolates the system classloader resources except for the JVM ones

Version 1.1.3


  • TCOMP-1170: [regression] http testing module pom imports netty and jsonb stack

  • TCOMP-1181: tacokit can’t pass the long type field from ui rightly

  • TCOMP-1187: Job DSL does not support correctly parameters when they are URI/URL

  • TCOMP-1189: Ensure primitive are not nullable in Record model (builder)

  • TCOMP-1191: [beam] BeamIOTransformer does not support serialization of complex objects correctly

  • TCOMP-1192: Ensure Avro schema union is interpreted as nullable in Record Schema model

  • TCOMP-1194: [testing] Ensure BeamEnvironment adds component-runtime-beam

  • TCOMP-1196: Nested maven repository not used for component module

  • TCOMP-1197: Tacokit beam tests. NPE when creating the schema with RECORD type.

  • TCOMP-1198: Tacokit beam tests. SchemaParseException ⇒ drop unsupported characters

  • TCOMP-1200: Packages not defined from nested repository classes

  • TCOMP-1201: includeTransitiveDependencies option of nested-maven-repository does not work

  • TCOMP-1202: Refine avro classloading exclusion to accept hadoop and mapred packages

  • TCOMP-1205: Empty JSon object lead to NPE

  • TCOMP-1209: Ensure SerializableCoder is replaced with a contextual version to support Talend Component Kit classloading model

  • TCOMP-1210: BeamComponentExtension should let the exception go back to the caller when the transform fails

  • TCOMP-1215: Nested maven repository in jars don’t go through transformers

  • TCOMP-1218: Record entries order shouldn’t be sorted by the runtime

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1185: Support maxBatchSize in Job test runner for standalone mode

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1171: Remove component proxy server from the project

  • TCOMP-1182: Ensure the property editor for the configuration registers the default converters

  • TCOMP-1183: Upgrade JRuby to

  • TCOMP-1184: Avoid to do a group by key in BeamExecutor (job DSL) when not needed

  • TCOMP-1188: Tolerate null for dates in Records

  • TCOMP-1190: Enable secure processing for DocumentBuilderFactory instances

  • TCOMP-1193: Add injectable ContainerInfo with the containerId (plugin) in services

  • TCOMP-1195: Enable user to extend BeamEnvironment test tempalte more easily

  • TCOMP-1199: Nested repository not used when the classpath is not composed of a single jar

  • TCOMP-1204: [dependency upgrade] XBean 4.12

  • TCOMP-1207: [beam] add ContextualSerializableCoder

  • TCOMP-1213: Upgrade guava to v27 for testing modules

  • TCOMP-1216: Take into account the visibility for the parameter validation

  • TCOMP-1217: Add JVM system property for our custom object input stream

  • TCOMP-1219: Upgrade starter to gradle 5

  • TCOMP-1220: Upgrade Maven to 3.6.0 in starter

Version 1.1.2


  • TCOMP-1121: [tacokit proxy] suggestion trigger creation issue

  • TCOMP-1122: [tacokit proxy] slefRefrence filter configuration type by name, type and family

  • TCOMP-1123: Processor component onNext duplicate columns in record for rowStructs

  • TCOMP-1126: UiSpecService shouldn’t show the documentation by default

  • TCOMP-1129: form core - $selfReference breaks triggers

  • TCOMP-1130: component form - default value of maxBatchSize prop loose it type.

  • TCOMP-1131: [beam integration] Ensure Coder is contextual (classloader)

  • TCOMP-1132: Ensure beam custom Coders implement equals.hashCode for beam contract

  • TCOMP-1148: Asciidoctor documentation fails for collection of objects

  • TCOMP-1149: [testing] BeamEnvironment does not reset PipelineOptionsFactory properly for beam > 2.4

  • TCOMP-1155: [proxy server] arrays not supporting null values in ConfigurationFormatter

  • TCOMP-1159: AvroSchema does not support DATETTIME type (beam module)

  • TCOMP-1168: Avro record implementation ignores nullable/union

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1143: Ensure icons are validated and fail the build if a custom one is missing (validate mojo)

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1112: Let beam PTransform define an @ElementListener method to set the component design (inputs/outputs)

  • TCOMP-1113: Simplify the scanning by assuming there is a TALEND-INF/dependencies.txt in components

  • TCOMP-1120: BeamMapperImpl.isStream not accurate for UnboundedSource

  • TCOMP-1124: Add /metrics endpoint

  • TCOMP-1125: Extend CustomPropertyConverter to pass the convertion context

  • TCOMP-1127: Record doesn’t support null values

  • TCOMP-1133: CXF 3.2.7 upgrade

  • TCOMP-1134: Ensure any input/output have a dataset

  • TCOMP-1135: Ensure any dataset has a datastore

  • TCOMP-1136: deprecate "generate" mojo

  • TCOMP-1145: [dependency upgrade] Beam 2.8.0

  • TCOMP-1146: implement infinite=true in PartitionMapper/Input

  • TCOMP-1150: Upgrade rat plugin to 0.13

  • TCOMP-1154: Required validation at runtime ignores lists and nested objects

  • TCOMP-1157: [dependency upgrade] Tomcat 9.0.13

  • TCOMP-1158: Enable JUnit test collector to use a static storage instead of thread related one

  • TCOMP-1160: Upgrade spark to 2.4.0

  • TCOMP-1161: Upgrade shade plugin to 3.2.1

  • TCOMP-1162: Upgrade nested-maven-repository shade transformers to support last maven versions

  • TCOMP-1163: Upgrade openwebbeans to 2.0.8

  • TCOMP-1164: Validate mojo does not log any success information

  • TCOMP-1165: Dependency mojo does not log any success information

  • TCOMP-1166: Documentation mojo does not log generated files properly

  • TCOMP-1167: Beam-Avro record name generation should use avro fingerprint to be more unique than current logic

Version 1.1.1

Backlog Task

  • TCOMP-1086: Fix documentation about DiscoverSchema


  • TCOMP-1064: Update action can’t receive List<MyClass> parameter

  • TCOMP-1110: When a configuration has no layout and uses @AfterGroup the configuration is lost

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1111: Move to PropertyEditorRegistry from xbean instead of using the deprecated static class

Version 1.1.0


  • TCOMP-1000: @Option name value is not respected on fields

  • TCOMP-1008: Enum order is lost

  • TCOMP-1009: (web) OptionsOrder ignored for tables (List<MyClass>), fields located in random order

  • TCOMP-1028: [tools-webapp] submit button no more functional

  • TCOMP-1031: DiscoverSchema parameters are not correctly mapped in Studio GuessSchema runtime

  • TCOMP-1044: Fix java.lang.ClassCastException in TableActionParameter

  • TCOMP-1046: String option can’t set default value from a file

  • TCOMP-1056: ActiveIf doesn’t work in advanced settings

  • TCOMP-1072: Metadata migration issues

  • TCOMP-1074: talend-component mvn plugin : deploy-in-studio need to rise an error when component is already installed

  • TCOMP-1075: component reload file on windows after deploying a modified jar

  • TCOMP-1076: component starter - fix mapper generation (Record integration)

  • TCOMP-1077: component starter - ensure kit version are updated atomically.

  • TCOMP-1078: Guess Schema button is not shown on Basic Settings view

  • TCOMP-1082: Fix Exception during HealthCheck parameter deserialization

  • TCOMP-1085: [classloader] com.sun is too wide as exclusion

  • TCOMP-1104: Fix drag and drop issue for dataset/datastore metadata

  • TCOMP-779: Drop down list Java type in configuration class

  • TCOMP-819: Processor doesn’t produce more than 1 row on each iteration

  • TCOMP-917: Migration handler need only to receive component configuration

  • TCOMP-941: Default and init values are ignored in connection wizzard (datastore/dataset)

  • TCOMP-968: Trigger AsyncValidation call only when option annotated with Validable is changed

  • TCOMP-970: Add support for complex parameter types for AsyncValidation methods

  • TCOMP-973: component migration - the configuration version need to be serialized in addition to the version of the component

  • TCOMP-984: Integrate ParameterizedTest with component-runtime-http-junit capture mode

  • TCOMP-988: component migration - fix nested configuration migration

  • TCOMP-989: .car studio install command breaks config.ini of the studio

  • TCOMP-991: metadat : ignore activations from config not being part of the form while creating metadata

  • TCOMP-996: metadata : migration issues

New Feature

  • TCOMP-1001: [proxy] ConfigurationClient should expose a migrate method

  • TCOMP-1011: Ensure datastore/dataset i18n names are validated by the maven/gradle plugins

  • TCOMP-1013: Add an operator support in @ActiveIfs (OR/AND switch)

  • TCOMP-1014: Ensure a dataset has a source which has no other required parameters in the validator

  • TCOMP-1029: Extend ActiveIf EvaluationStrategy with CONTAINS strategy

  • TCOMP-1063: Integrate Record API to the studio

  • TCOMP-1069: restrict input branches for output components to only one.

  • TCOMP-1071: support actions i18n display name

  • TCOMP-1092: Ensure @Configuration POJO are injectable as Supplier in services

  • TCOMP-1094: Add FullSerializationRecordCoder coder for Record in beam module

  • TCOMP-1095: Ensure all configuration type models root entries are named "configuration"

  • TCOMP-993: [proxy] Propagate UiSpecContext in referenceservice#findByTypeAndName

  • TCOMP-994: [dependency upgrade] CXF 3.2.6

Work Item

  • TCOMP-1003: [dependency upgrade] Tomcat 9.0.12

  • TCOMP-1004: [dependency upgrade] Log4j2 2.11.1

  • TCOMP-1015: Upgrade icons to 1.0.0

  • TCOMP-1019: (form) enum should lead to restricted datalist

  • TCOMP-1037: [dependency upgrade] Johnzon 1.1.9

  • TCOMP-1038: Drop spring client from component-form-core

  • TCOMP-1041: HttpClient should enable to process InputStream directly

  • TCOMP-1042: Upgrade to JUnit 5.3.1

  • TCOMP-1045: Add documentation in metadata and enable to use it in the UI on configuration

  • TCOMP-1047: Make Suggestable text field editable (align with web)

  • TCOMP-1048: Add update API for configuration

  • TCOMP-1049: Add completion support for actions displayname in intellij plugin

  • TCOMP-1050: Provide simple OAuth1 integration

  • TCOMP-1051: Remove brave and move to geronimo-opentracing

  • TCOMP-1054: Introduce @Configuration API

  • TCOMP-1055: remove the ExecutionResource

  • TCOMP-1057: Add ActiveIf on @Proposable test-case

  • TCOMP-1058: Add DefaultValue on proposable/dynamicValue testcase

  • TCOMP-1059: Rework generic record format

  • TCOMP-1073: [maven/gradle plugin] Add configuration support in web goal

  • TCOMP-1079: Document new Record structure

  • TCOMP-1080: [dependency upgrade] Meecrowave 1.2.4

  • TCOMP-1081: ComponentManager should ignore engine classes in its filtering

  • TCOMP-1087: Jsonb service should serialize byte[] as BASE64

  • TCOMP-1089: [starter] Upgrade gradle to 4.10.2

  • TCOMP-1090: [form] Main/Advanced order not respected when some remote action are involved

  • TCOMP-1091: Ensure main component is preferred over test ones in a maven project

  • TCOMP-1093: [dependency upgrade] netty 4.1.30.Final for junit http testing module

  • TCOMP-1096: [dependency upgrade] xbean 4.10

  • TCOMP-1097: [dependency upgrade] Beam 2.7.0

  • TCOMP-1099: Upgrade web ui bundle to 1.0.2

  • TCOMP-1101: Add conditional rendering in the generated documentation

  • TCOMP-1102: Reflect in documentation that Validable/AsyncValidation doesn’t support Object types

  • TCOMP-1106: Enable to generate the component documentation in multiple languages

  • TCOMP-1107: ConfigurableClassLoader does not priviledges container classloader for getResourceAsStream

  • TCOMP-877: [documentation] Sample implementation of bulk/batch/commit-interval using groups

  • TCOMP-980: Provide a ValidationService in server-proxy

  • TCOMP-985: Align docker git metada on out Standard

  • TCOMP-998: [dependency upgrade] Apache Commons Compress 1.18

Version 1.0.4


  • TCOMP-911: Suggestions callback doesn’t support Configuration parameters

  • TCOMP-921: String cannot be cast to Boolean when adding table with checkboxes

  • TCOMP-922: component manager : support loading dependencies from job lib folder.

  • TCOMP-924: component-kit.js errors are not sent to the error handler

  • TCOMP-927: talend-component:web errors are not always unwrapped and understandable

  • TCOMP-934: Ensure Studio rely on category and doesn’t append family name

  • TCOMP-960: Suggestions parameters are not correctly resolved in Studio

  • TCOMP-961: Default value of Suggestions method parameter is ignored

  • TCOMP-964: ClassCastException is thrown when non-string values are used as Suggestions method parameter

New Feature

  • TCOMP-825: Provide component server proxy

  • TCOMP-928: Add negate and evaluation strategy to @ActiveIf

  • TCOMP-929: Ensure category contains the family

Work Item

  • TCOMP-816: Check migration feature and implement missing use-cases

  • TCOMP-918: create a mvn bom with tacokit stack to keep some dependencies aligned between component-runtime and it’s studio integration

  • TCOMP-932: Avoid Kafka recursive logging for component server

  • TCOMP-933: Drop component-kit.js module

  • TCOMP-935: Component server should log application and service in kafka mode

  • TCOMP-938: Add a builtin::http trigger in the server proxy

  • TCOMP-939: Ensure the proxy server can lookup references with a SPI

  • TCOMP-943: (web) Grand parent references for triggers not well resolved

  • TCOMP-944: (proxy server) Ensure the trigger are well resolved for references

  • TCOMP-947: (maven/gradle) ensure web task logs there is a UI

  • TCOMP-953: Upgrade to ziplock 7.0.5

  • TCOMP-954: Upgrade netty to 4.1.28.Final for the test stack

  • TCOMP-958: Componentvalidator error message in case of an unsupported type is misleading

  • TCOMP-959: [dependency upgrade] Upgrade to icon bundle 0.202.0

  • TCOMP-962: .car deploy-in-studio command (CarMain) should support to override an existing version

  • TCOMP-965: [dependency upgrade] Apache Beam 2.6.0

  • TCOMP-966: Ensure Studio integration renames HTTP threads to identify them more explicitly

  • TCOMP-967: Ensure parameter index is in metadata for services and constructors

Version 1.0.3

Work Item

  • TCOMP-919: Starter doesn’t synchronize correctly with central versions

  • TCOMP-920: Use Meecrowave 1.2.3

Version 1.0.2


  • TCOMP-888: Designer pipeline records counter are wrong for tacokit components with multiples outputs

  • TCOMP-899: Update Beam 2.5.0 compatibility

  • TCOMP-903: [tacokit studio integration] - Guess schema - better handling of number types recognition

  • TCOMP-904: [tacokit studio integration] - fix job classpath generation

  • TCOMP-913: Fix absolute path resolution for child of child use-case

New Feature

  • TCOMP-900: [tacokit studio integration] - Handle conditional outputs

Work Item

  • TCOMP-898: Ensure starter will be able to auto update its versions to avoid redeployments

  • TCOMP-905: Enrich scanning exclusion set

  • TCOMP-906: Minimalist JsonObject to IndexeredRecord utilities for beam

  • TCOMP-907: Support maxBatchSize as in the studio in Beam

  • TCOMP-910: Add maxbatchsize as built in parameter to Processor meta model

  • TCOMP-915: Upgrade Apache Meecrowave to 1.2.2

Version 1.0.1


  • TCOMP-822: [Windows] deploy-in-studio & car copy jar command in mvn plugin - don’t work if the studio is running

  • TCOMP-844: Service default method forwarded to interface method instead of implementation one if exists

  • TCOMP-848: [junit5] implicit mock collector and emitter are not resetted per method

  • TCOMP-851: [form] UiSchema shouldn’t have a JsonSchema

  • TCOMP-858: @OptionsOrder not respected by form-core

  • TCOMP-862: [form-core] ".." path is not correctly resolved

  • TCOMP-863: Job DSL doesn’t support multiple outputs

  • TCOMP-873: Fix shade junit-http module : remove shaded dependencies from generated artifact

  • TCOMP-889: [form] arrays are lost in trigger paths

  • TCOMP-890: Merge the component outputs (by name) from @AfterGroup and @ElementListener

  • TCOMP-893: Don’t log a warning for services when parameters don’t have i18n support

New Feature

  • TCOMP-834: Ensure that component has only one configuration argument.

  • TCOMP-845: [junit] ComponentsHandler misses findService

  • TCOMP-846: [junit] allow to inject current plugin services in test class

  • TCOMP-847: Support gzip in JUnit HTTP tooling

  • TCOMP-849: [junit http] support to match the request payload

  • TCOMP-850: MavenDecrypter should tolerate ${} syntax

  • TCOMP-861: Ensure Car Mojo can be skipped

  • TCOMP-887: [studio] add chunk size advanced common param for processors & output

  • TCOMP-892: Validate runtime configuration before executing the runtime

Work Item

  • TCOMP-829: Configuration Type tree is not correctly computed

  • TCOMP-830: Move all configuration to Microprofile Config instead of DeltaSpike

  • TCOMP-832: Provide a way to access lastUpdatedTimestamp in rest api

  • TCOMP-833: Upgrade gradle+maven for the starter

  • TCOMP-839: Add an API to load lazily the potential values of a list

  • TCOMP-840: Upgrade icon bundle to 0.190.2

  • TCOMP-841: Add validation of option names in the validator

  • TCOMP-852: [dependency upgrade] Upgrade shrinkwrap-resolver-impl-maven to 3.1.3

  • TCOMP-855: Support service injections in services

  • TCOMP-856: [dependency upgrade] OpenWebBeans 2.0.6

  • TCOMP-857: SimpleCollector must not depend on junit 4

  • TCOMP-864: Mojo should be thread safe for car/dependencies.txt generation

  • TCOMP-867: Expose Injector service

  • TCOMP-868: Create an ObjectFactory service

  • TCOMP-869: Ensure actions can get injected the requested lang

  • TCOMP-870: Provide Beam DoFn to simplify the migration from IndexedRecord to JsonObject

  • TCOMP-876: Allow custom converters in form-core

  • TCOMP-878: Add beam in the docker image OOTB

  • TCOMP-879: CarMojo doesn’t use car extension to attach the artifact

  • TCOMP-880: [dependency upgrade] Maven 3.5.4

  • TCOMP-881: [dependency upgrade] CXF 3.2.5

  • TCOMP-882: [dependency upgrade] Tomcat 9.0.10

  • TCOMP-883: [dependency upgrade] Beam 2.5.0

  • TCOMP-884: [dependency upgrade] Upgrade to icon bundle 0.197.0

  • TCOMP-894: [dependency upgrade] Johnzon 1.1.8

  • TCOMP-895: [dependency upgrade] xbean 4.9

Version 1.0.0


Work Item

  • TCOMP-811: Upgrade to tomcat 9.0.8

  • TCOMP-826: Extract component model from component server to a new artifact

Version 0.0.12

New Feature

  • TCOMP-763: Add a dev mode in the studio for tacokit

  • TCOMP-802: Add method to upload dependencies from .car to nexus

Work Item

  • TCOMP-808: Upgrade to JUnit 5.2.0

  • TCOMP-809: compress js and css for the starter

  • TCOMP-810: ui spec service uses a multiselecttag for a proposable on a string field

Version 0.0.11


  • TCOMP-804: Idea plugin doesn’t render properly configuration inputs

Work Item

  • TCOMP-798: intellij plugin - add official starter url

  • TCOMP-799: @Checkable expects the datastore name to match the validation name

  • TCOMP-806: Ensure server and starter support gzip

Version 0.0.10

Backlog Task


  • TCOMP-770: Removing component from web UI causes wrong number of components in summary

  • TCOMP-775: Starter - Fix properties keys generation

  • TCOMP-776: component-kit.js ignore credentials

  • TCOMP-783: ActiveIfs doesn’t make option visible

  • TCOMP-796: Datastore check (@Checkable) should default meta parameters to "datastore" if none is found

New Feature

  • TCOMP-773: Extend the http client api to handle more generic use cases

Work Item

  • TCOMP-771: ConfigurableClassLoader should skip scala.* classes

  • TCOMP-772: Upgrade icon set to ui/icons 0.179.0

  • TCOMP-774: Upgrade xbean to 4.8

Version 0.0.9

Work Item

  • TCOMP-768: More tolerance of configuration prefix for implicit migration of configuration node in form core library

Version 0.0.8

Work Item

  • TCOMP-756: Setup maven clirr plugin for component-api +testing

  • TCOMP-762: Starter should only propose a single category level in the ui

  • TCOMP-767: Ensure the configurationtype endpoints have matching name/path values

Version 0.0.7

Work Item

  • TCOMP-761: Merge component-runtime-manager and component-runtime-standalone

  • TCOMP-764: Clean up component-form-core dependencies

  • TCOMP-765: Upgrade to batik 1.9.1

Version 0.0.6


  • TCOMP-752: Fix Advanced settings and Test connection button appearance in repository wizard

  • TCOMP-757: Duplicate method name "writeReplace" with signature "()Ljava.lang.Object;" in class file

Work Item

  • TCOMP-751: Support gzip compression on component-server

  • TCOMP-753: Make classpath scanning to find component configurable

  • TCOMP-758: Support component-server server configuration from system properties

  • TCOMP-759: Enum must be i18n

Version 0.0.5

Work Item

  • TCOMP-738: Component Server should respect ~/.m2/settings.xml local repository if it exists

  • TCOMP-739: SerializationTransformer shouldn’t use ComponentManager to avoid ClassNotFoundException

  • TCOMP-740: UISpecService should be reactive and use a CompletionStage based API

  • TCOMP-741: UISpecService configuration support

  • TCOMP-742: Configuration Type properties should be rooted

  • TCOMP-744: Ensure wrapped BeamIO uses the right TCCL

  • TCOMP-745: [Dependency Upgrade] CXF 3.2.4

  • TCOMP-746: [Dependency Upgrade] Tomcat 9.0.6

  • TCOMP-747: [Dependency Upgrade] Log4j2 2.11.0

  • TCOMP-748: Make configurationtype index endpoint lighter OOTB

  • TCOMP-749: Intellij Idea plugin

  • TCOMP-750: Unify @Pattern using javascript regex instead of a mixed mode

Version 0.0.4


  • TCOMP-734: Add support for context and globalMap values in Tacokit component settings

New Feature

  • TCOMP-733: support to use a beam pipeline under the hood for beam components in di

Work Item

Version 0.0.3


  • TCOMP-731: Configuration Type migration handler skipped

Version 0.0.2


  • TCOMP-725: MavenDecrypter doesn’t support comments in settings.xml

  • TCOMP-726: When a component is not found the error message can be misleading

  • TCOMP-728: Http client doesn’t ignore empty query parameters

Work Item

  • TCOMP-722: WebSocket connection fails with a NPE when the endpoint doesn’t exists

  • TCOMP-723: Adding configurationByExample utility to create query string for Job DSL

  • TCOMP-724: Documentation endpoint doesn’t support HTML

Version 0.0.1

Work Item

  • TCOMP-446: Support Embedded Documentation

  • TCOMP-650: Ensure component can be executed in beam pipelines

  • TCOMP-651: Ensure beam components can be wrapped and used through the Talend Component Kit Framework

  • TCOMP-653: Web Form metamodel service

  • TCOMP-655: Catalog service

  • TCOMP-656: UISpec compatibility

  • TCOMP-658: Add test Source/Sink collectors in JUnit integration

  • TCOMP-659: Basic job builder API to simplify JUnit tests

  • TCOMP-662: Validation Mojo

  • TCOMP-664: Local testing server for dev

  • TCOMP-675: Select a communication solution for Talend Component Kit server

  • TCOMP-680: Register components into the Studio Palette

  • TCOMP-681: Studio parameters form integration

  • TCOMP-682: Studio Metadata integration

  • TCOMP-683: Studio Runtime integration

  • TCOMP-691: Create context menu for Tacokit node in repository panel

  • TCOMP-719: Support Input Definition

  • TCOMP-720: Support Output Definition

  • TCOMP-721: Initial Widget Definitions

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