Version compatibility

You can integrate and start using components developed using Talend Component Kit in Talend applications very easily.

As both the development framework and Talend applications evolve over time, you need to ensure compatibility between the components you develop and the versions of Talend applications that you are targeting, by making sure that you use the right version of Talend Component Kit.

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Compatibility matrix

The version of Talend Component Kit you need to use to develop new components depends on the versions of the Talend applications in which these components will be integrated.

Talend product Talend Component Kit version

Talend Studio 8.8.8 (aka master)

latest release

Talend Studio 8.0.1

latest release QA approved

Talend Studio 7.3.1

Framework until 1.38.x

Talend Studio 7.2.1

Framework until 1.1.10

Talend Studio 7.1.1

Framework until 1.1.1

Talend Studio 7.0.1

Framework until 0.0.5

Talend Cloud

latest release QA and cloud teams approved

More recent versions of Talend Component Kit contain many fixes, improvements and features that help developing your components. However, they can cause some compatibility issues when deploying these components to older/different versions of Talend Studio and Talend Cloud. Choose the version of Talend Component Kit that best fits your needs.

Changing the Talend Component Kit version of your project

Creating a project using the Component Kit Starter always uses the latest release of Talend Component Kit.

However, you can manually change the version of Talend Component Kit directly in the generated project.

  1. Go to your IDE and access the project root .pom file.

  2. Look for the org.talend.sdk.component dependency nodes.

  3. Replace the version in the relevant nodes with the version that you need to use for your project.

You can use a Snapshot of the version under development using the -SNAPSHOT version and Sonatype snapshot repository.
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