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Component API - 1.33.0-SNAPSHOT
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Action - Annotation Type in org.talend.sdk.component.api.service
ActionRef - Annotation Type in org.talend.sdk.component.api.configuration.action.meta
ActionType - Annotation Type in org.talend.sdk.component.api.service
ActiveIf - Annotation Type in org.talend.sdk.component.api.configuration.condition
ActiveIf.EvaluationStrategy - Enum in org.talend.sdk.component.api.configuration.condition
ActiveIf.EvaluationStrategyOption - Annotation Type in org.talend.sdk.component.api.configuration.condition
Allows to pass custom options to the evaluation strategy.
ActiveIfs - Annotation Type in org.talend.sdk.component.api.configuration.condition
ActiveIfs.Operator - Enum in org.talend.sdk.component.api.configuration.condition
addMetadata(String, String) - Method in class org.talend.sdk.component.api.service.discovery.DiscoverDatasetResult.DatasetDescription
ADVANCED - Static variable in interface org.talend.sdk.component.api.configuration.ui.layout.GridLayout.FormType
AfterGroup - Annotation Type in org.talend.sdk.component.api.processor
Called before an element group (bundle in beam semantic).
AfterVariables - Annotation Type in org.talend.sdk.component.api.component
Use to group AfterVariables.AfterVariable annotations.
AfterVariables.AfterVariable - Annotation Type in org.talend.sdk.component.api.component
Declare after variable for the component.
AfterVariables.AfterVariableContainer - Annotation Type in org.talend.sdk.component.api.component
Mark method that returns container with after variables.
apply(String) - Method in interface org.talend.sdk.component.api.record.RecordPointerFactory
Note that you can reuse this instance safely.
apply(T, T) - Method in interface org.talend.sdk.component.api.service.record.RecordVisitor
Enables to combine two visitors returned value (RecordVisitor.get()).
asClassLoader() - Method in interface org.talend.sdk.component.api.service.dependency.Resolver.ClassLoaderDescriptor
Assessor - Annotation Type in org.talend.sdk.component.api.input
Decorates a method in a PartitionMapper returning a long and estimating the size of the whole dataset.
AsyncValidation - Annotation Type in org.talend.sdk.component.api.service.asyncvalidation
AutoLayout - Annotation Type in org.talend.sdk.component.api.configuration.ui.layout
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Component API - 1.33.0-SNAPSHOT

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