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Component API - 1.33.0-SNAPSHOT
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DataSet - Annotation Type in org.talend.sdk.component.api.configuration.type
DatasetDescription(String) - Constructor for class org.talend.sdk.component.api.service.discovery.DiscoverDatasetResult.DatasetDescription
DataStore - Annotation Type in org.talend.sdk.component.api.configuration.type
DateTime - Annotation Type in org.talend.sdk.component.api.configuration.ui.widget
decode(byte[], Type) - Method in interface org.talend.sdk.component.api.service.http.Decoder
Decoder - Interface in org.talend.sdk.component.api.service.http
Allows to read in a custom manner a response payload.
DefaultValue - Annotation Type in org.talend.sdk.component.api.configuration.ui
DiscoverDataset - Annotation Type in org.talend.sdk.component.api.service.discovery
Mark a method as returning the DiscoverDatasetResult of a datastore.
DiscoverDatasetResult - Class in org.talend.sdk.component.api.service.discovery
DiscoverDatasetResult() - Constructor for class org.talend.sdk.component.api.service.discovery.DiscoverDatasetResult
DiscoverDatasetResult(List<DiscoverDatasetResult.DatasetDescription>) - Constructor for class org.talend.sdk.component.api.service.discovery.DiscoverDatasetResult
DiscoverDatasetResult.DatasetDescription - Class in org.talend.sdk.component.api.service.discovery
DiscoverSchema - Annotation Type in org.talend.sdk.component.api.service.schema
Mark a method as retruning the Schema of a dataset.
Documentation - Annotation Type in org.talend.sdk.component.api.meta
DriverRunner - Annotation Type in org.talend.sdk.component.api.standalone
Mark a class as a DriverRunner which means instance of this class will be run only on the driver node.
DynamicValues - Annotation Type in org.talend.sdk.component.api.service.completion
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Component API - 1.33.0-SNAPSHOT

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