UiSpec proxy server configuration

the configuration is read from system properties, environment variables, …​. If you use playx-microprofile-config, you can also use typesafe configuration.

Default value: true. If true the proposable (suggestion lists only depending on the server state) will be cached, otherwise they will be requested for each form rendering.


Default value: ${playx.application.home}. A home location for relative path resolution (optional).


Default value: 64. For the client executor, the number of threads.


List of JAX-RS providers to register on the client, at least a JSON-B one should be here.


Default value: 60000. The connect timeout for the communication with the server.base in ms.


Default value: 600000. The read timeout for the communication with the server.base in ms.


Default value: true. Should the server use jcache to store catalog information and refresh it with some polling. If so the keys talend.component.proxy.jcache.caches.$cacheName.expiry.duration, talend.component.proxy.jcache.caches.$cacheName.management.active and talend.component.proxy.jcache.caches.$cacheName.statistics.active will be read to create a JCache MutableConfiguration. Also note that if all the cachesshare the same configuration you can ignore the $cacheName layer.


A header to use in the cache key (to represent a tenant or equivalent).


Caching provider implementation to use (only set it if ambiguous).


Default value: 60. Number of seconds used to check if the server must be refreshed.


The headers to append to the request when contacting the server. Format is a properties one. You can put a hardcoded value or a placeholder (${key}).In this case it will be read from the request attributes and headers.


Default value: component-uispec-metadata.%s.json?force=false. An optional location (absolute or resolved from APP_HOME environment variable). It can take an optional query parameter force which specifies if the startup should fail if the file is not resolved. The resolution is done per configuration type (datastore, dataset, …​) but fallbacks on default type if the file is not found.

The values can be keys in the resource bundle org.talend.sdk.component.proxy.enrichment.i18n.Messages. Use that for display names, placeholders etc…​The content talend.component.proxy.server.base:: The base to contact the remote server (NOTE: it is recommanded to put a load balancer if you have multiple instances.)

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