Defining a custom icon for a component or component family

Every component family and component needs to have a representative icon.
You have to define a custom icon as follows:

  • For the component family the icon is defined in the file.

  • For the component itself, you need to declare the icon in the component class.

Custom icons must comply with the following requirements:

  • Icons must be stored in the src/main/resources/icons folder of the project.

  • Icon file names need to match one of the following patterns: IconName.svg or IconName_icon32.png. The latter will run in degraded mode in Talend Cloud. Replace IconName by the name of your choice.

  • Icons must be squared, even for the SVG format.

@Icon(value = Icon.IconType.CUSTOM, custom = "IconName")

Note that SVG icons are not supported by Talend Studio and can cause the deployment of the component to fail.

If you aim at deploying a custom component to Talend Studio, specify PNG icons or use the Maven (or Gradle) svg2png plugin to convert SVG icons to PNG. If you want a finer control over both images, you can provide both in your component.

Ultimately, you can also remove SVG parameters from the talend.component.server.icon.paths property in the HTTP server configuration.

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