Talend Component Kit Overview

Talend Component Kit is a toolkit based on Java and designed to simplify the development of components at two levels:

  • Runtime: Runtime is about injecting the specific component code into a job or pipeline. The framework helps unify as much as possible the code required to run in Data Integration (DI) and BEAM environments.

  • Graphical interface: The framework helps unify the code required to be able to render the component in a browser (web) or in the Eclipse-based Studio (SWT).

Framework tools

The Talend Component Kit framework is made of several tools designed to help you during the component development process. It allows to develop components that fit in both Java web UIs.

  • Starter: Generate the skeleton of your development project using a user-friendly interface. The Talend Component Kit Starter is available as a web tool or as a plugin for the IntelliJ IDE.


  • Component API: Check all classes available to implement components.

  • Build tools: The framework comes with Maven and Gradle wrappers, which allow to always use the version of Maven or Gradle that is right for your component development environment and version.

  • Testing tools: Test components before integrating them into Talend Studio or Cloud applications. Testing tools include the Talend Component Kit Web Tester, which allows to check the web UI of your components on your local machine.

Web tester

You can find more details about the framework design in this document.


The Talend Component Kit project is available on GitHub in the following repositories:

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